Benefits of a Hybrid Security Strategy

Maximizing your security coverage with on-site personnel and offsite remote monitoring A hybrid security strategy deploys an on-site security presence (i.e. armed/unarmed guards, foot patrols) with offsite monitoring services (i.e. video surveillance). There are several benefits to utilizing a hybrid security

As COVID cases continue to soar and hospitals reach their limit, maintaining hospital security and the safety of patients and staff is becoming ever more difficult. With more people to watch comes less focus on securing other areas like sensitive patient

Myth #1 – Security guards are not trained DEBUNKED: Whether it’s armed or unarmed guards, loss prevention specialists, foot patrols, concierge service, or all of the above, these professionals need to pass a background check and complete training once hired. Many

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The current state of affairs when it comes to intruders – even armed – in schools is simply abhorrent. At a time like this,