Dennis O’Connor Named DMAC’s New Director of National Training and Professional Development

The DMAC Security team would like to congratulate Dennis O’Connor who has served as our Director of Operations for the past two years as he moves into further developing our Training and Consulting Services in the role of Director of National

We are pleased to welcome Sean Brady, a leader in the industry with over two decades in security operations, as our new Director of Operations. Both he and Dennis O’Connor will be working side by side as DMAC continues to scale

A maritime or port security specialist and or security officer has a very important job keeping the public safe along with the buildings, vessels, and cargo they are protecting. Maritime ports can be used for the illegal trafficking of drugs, people,

Security specialists must adhere to strict regulations. Not only must a security specialist pass a background check, but they must also meet specific health requirements. Each security specialist, whether they are an officer, guard, armed or unarmed, must complete specialized training

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