Women in Security on the Rise in the Industry: Meet DMAC’s Captain Rhonda Damon

This month we wanted to focus your attention on the women in security who have made a career choice in the industry, especially our very own Captain Rhonda Damon. Captain Damon currently oversees a team of 20 security specialists, 15 of

Unfortunately, criminals do not take days off. Therefore, it’s not enough to train your security specialists once a year or every few months. Security specialists need continuous security training to stay on top of emerging threats and keep everyone and everything

Are Banks Still Prime Targets? Although many financial crimes occur online these days, banks are still prime targets for criminals looking to gather information for further cybercrime or commit a bank robbery on site. Therefore physical security measures for banks and

A Second Career as a Security Specialist Working as a security specialist, either as an armed or unarmed guard, officer or patrol, could be a full-time career choice for those looking to start over in a new field of expertise, either

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