4 Important Tools to Improve Security Entrances

With so many active shooter incidents on the news, many people are wondering what we can do to stop the violence and bloodshed. One way to enhance the security of a building or facility is to use specific tools to improve

AI use in the security industry is becoming more and more necessary and common practice. Technology has enhanced our modern lives in many ways. Technological advances have seeped into every industry, including security. AI (artificial intelligence) is used in many unique

Here is a simple yet effective guide to hiring security services for your school, college campus or public space. The world has become a very unpredictable and dangerous place. Now more than ever before, security for your organization needs to be

There has been a lot of senseless violence in the news lately especially pertaining to the tragic school shootings. One way we as a society can prevent these things from happening is by making sure every school is equipped with a

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The current state of affairs when it comes to intruders – even armed – in schools is simply abhorrent. At a time like this,