Security Technology Tools Explained

Technology is modern life, there is no question about that. In the security industry, technology tools help agents do their jobs more effectively and gain an advantage over criminals. Security Technology Tools Security technology consists of various hardware and software resources

Becoming a security specialist is a fulfilling and lucrative career choice. Security, both cyber and physical, continues to be a major concern for companies, big and small. Security specialists keep people, places, and things safe. If you are interested in becoming

The terms risk, threat, and vulnerability are often thrown around, and it’s common to mistake them as interchangeable. However, each one refers to a different aspect of the security threat landscape. Let’s explore the difference between security risks, threats and vulnerabilities

Despite cybersecurity professionals working diligently everyday to prevent attacks and to secure networks, the reality is that most companies still do not have sufficient cybersecurity tools and practices in place to keep their networks safe. Here we list the 5 threats

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Atlanta, a vibrant metropolis buzzing with commerce, culture, and a growing population, also presents security challenges.  Businesses and residents alike require a reliable partner