3 Refresher Traffic Safety and Awareness Tips for the School Year

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With kids going back to school soon, drivers, parents, and students need to remember that certain safety rules kick back into effect. Some traffic safety and awareness tips to make this school year safe and sound for everyone include:

School Zone Safety

There are local rules that govern school zone safety. Some things to keep in mind when approaching a school zone are:

  • Slow your car down and drive very carefully; watch for children crossing the street.
  • Only allow children to offload from the car in designated safe zones.
  • Avoid double-parking even if you are in a rush.
  • If you see flashing lights on a school sign, you must stop for children or faculty and give them the right of way.
  • Never be on the phone or texting when driving through a school zone. Kids pop up all over the place.
  • Kids may be distracted and walk while using their phones. Keep an eye out for any dangerous distracted situations.
  • Try to carpool to save gas and put fewer cars on the road.
  • Never block a crosswalk near a school.

Laws Regarding Bus Safety

When you approach a school bus, you must stop if the stop sign is out, and the lights are flashing. Never pass a school bus, especially when it is picking up or dropping off children. There are strict laws about school bus safety, and you could be fined, arrested, or lose your license if you violate these laws.

When following a school bus, give it extra room and stay far back. The bus will most likely make multiple stops. Young children ages 4-7 are the most vulnerable to school bus accidents and fatalities from drivers not being safe around a school bus. Always stay 10 feet from a school bus.

Kids Safety Tips

Instruct children to take extra precautions when boarding and getting off the bus, crossing the street, and using hand railings. Other tips include:

  • Always wait until the bus arrives and comes to a complete stop before boarding. If the bus includes seat belts, use them.
  • Never walk in front of the bus. If you have to, be sure to walk 10 feet in front to cross.
  • Don’t use headphones when walking to school. It will be harder to hear traffic and other dangers.
  • Look both ways before crossing the street. Always use a crosswalk, don’t cross unless you see one. Cross the street in groups. There is safety in numbers.
  • If you ride a bike to school, always wear a helmet and use your hand signals.

Remember stranger danger. Do not get into a stranger’s car no matter what they say to you or offer you. Instead, trust your parents and other school adults and what they tell you.

Contact DMAC Security for more information on school safety and awareness training.

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