5 Facts About Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use in the Security Industry

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AI use in the security industry is becoming more and more necessary and common practice. Technology has enhanced our modern lives in many ways. Technological advances have seeped into every industry, including security. AI (artificial intelligence) is used in many unique and useful areas to help secure people, places, and things.

The Importance of Physical Security

Now more than ever before, physical security is a necessity rather than an option. Thankfully, decision-makers are shifting from a reactive model to a more proactive approach to prevent theft, vandalism, and violence. Part of that solution is implementing AI resources that can help make decisions, react instantly, and deliver data faster than human personnel.

The Role of AI in Security

The role of AI use in security industry is to facilitate quicker responses by detecting threats and deterring them. A few ways security professionals use AI include:

Access Control

You can also enhance your access control devices using AI to deliver a more secure method of evaluating who to allow in and who to reject. In addition, AI can monitor access and alert management and security professionals whenever anything unexpected occurs.

Video Surveillance and Analytics

Video surveillance is an excellent tool for security; however, it requires eyes-on 24/7 to be fully effective. If there is a gap in security personnel reviewing the camera footage, you could miss something. Using AI can instantly analyze hours of video, looking for criminal indicators and suspicious activities to pinpoint problems before they occur. AI is also used for facial recognition, matching known criminals with those found on video footage.

Robots and Drones

If the area you are patrolling is large, you either need a lot of physical security guards, or you can use robots and drones to cover a larger area more efficiently. Drones and robots can also access hard-to-reach areas or places that are not safe for humans. Drone patrols could mean the difference between responding to a threat immediately or waiting until the cavalry arrives. Those precious minutes could save lives.

Large Crowd Monitoring

It can be challenging to monitor large crowds at oversized facilities or events. However, you can watch thousands of people simultaneously using AI technology and even detect hidden weapons by evaluating dozens of data points from the person’s shape.

Automation and Decision Making

Another extremely helpful way AI supports the security industry is through automation and decision-making. The human brain can only make decisions so quickly, and heightened emotions can make it even more difficult. AI is emotionless and, therefore, can make instant decisions, call for backup, dial emergency services, and respond in various ways to known threats. For example, when sifting through hours of video surveillance, AI can instantly pinpoint specific people and voices because of machine learning. They can also be programmed to perform receptive tasks quickly.

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