5 (more) Ways to Secure Your School Campus




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With kids returning to school, school security is on everyone’s mind. Here are 5 more ways you can secure your school campus to keep children, visitors, and faculty safe:

School Resource Officer

School Resource Officers (SRO) are specialized law enforcement trained to keep schools safe and prevent crime. Typically, SROs are employed by the local police department or sheriff’s office and outsourced to the school community. Occasionally a school will hire an outside SRO specially trained for a school environment.

An SRO is responsible for monitoring entrances, checking for weapons, making arrests, responding to and documenting incidents, and working as a liaison between the school and outside law enforcement.


Technology can help keep schools safer in a variety of ways. For example, drones can be used for surveillance of the grounds. In addition, metal detectors placed at entrances can help detect concealed weapons.

Additionally, sensors can be placed around the school to detect dangerous gasses, smoke, and other types of threats. Some other technologies used in schools for security include:

  • 2-way radios.
  • A full intercom system.
  • Duress buttons in each classroom that alert security or calls local police if an incident occurs.
  • A mass notification system (text all parents) in the event of an emergency.
  • Mobile apps and social media access.

24-Hour Video Surveillance

One of the most effective school safety and security tools is the extensive use of cameras and 24-hour video surveillance. A security person should be posted in front of video monitors, checking the video footage 24/7 to monitor and detect threats and then take immediate action. Cameras can help ensure rapid response in any type of emergency event.

Diversity Security

Something to keep in mind is that a school should diversify its security plan and practices, not relying too heavily on one mode of communication or threat detection. In addition, when setting up a security system, the school administration should understand the importance of redundancy to ensure that they have access to a usable backup plan if one method fails.

Proper Cybersecurity Measures

Along with all the technology used by schools, another critical factor is protecting the technology with proper cybersecurity measures to eliminate any online threats, ransomware, and prevent intrusions into the school network. Firewalls, routers, and strong user-access policies can help keep things safe along with two-factor authentication and storing personal data offline.

Some criminals disable technology before executing a physical threat towards a facility.

How to Equip Your School with the Proper Security

If you need help putting together a security plan for your school and hiring well-trained professional SROs, contact DMAC Security today. We have over 30 years in the security business and are committed to keeping communities stay safe and sound.

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