5 Ways to Safeguard Your Parking Lot and New Technology Tools to Optimize Safety

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Property and business owners are responsible for parking lot safety. Unfortunately, violent and property crimes occur roughly 1400 times daily in commercial parking lots. The good news is that now more than ever, there are more security options available to property owners to keep your parking lot/garage safer for you and your customers.

Here we outline 5 ways to safeguard your parking lot and new technology tools to optimize safety:

On-Site Security

One of the most effective deterrents for crime is on-site security guards posted around the property monitoring anyone who comes in and out. A highly trained security specialist can assess dangerous situations and take action before they become incidents.

Video Surveillance

Another very effective way to prevent crime in your parking lot is to install a network of video cameras that keep an eye on every corner of your property during the day and night. You can record the footage to review in the morning or have the on-site security personnel watch the camera feed live to spot any suspicious activity or abnormal situations.

Parking Lot Lighting

A well-lit parking lot is less likely to attract criminals. Install bright lights all over the parking area to illuminate the entire property. Good lighting alone can prevent some criminal activity.

24-Hour Monitoring

Many companies rely on 24-hour monitoring services along with security devices to keep their businesses and buildings safe. You can use that same service to carefully monitor your parking lots to watch out for a criminal element or any activity you don’t want on your property. In addition, a monitoring company can dispatch emergency services (police, fire, EMTs, etc.) if they witness anything that requires immediate attention.

New Security Technology Tools

Along with the methods above, there are dozens of newer technology devices you can also use to keep your property safe. Some of them include the following:

  • License Plate Readers: One way to keep track of all visitors to your parking lot is a license plate reader that records each vehicle and the license plate number. These devices could be used with surveillance cameras to identify suspicious cars or provide law enforcement with vital details to catch criminals that visited your property
  • Drones: These can provide hands-free surveillance and, using AI technology, dispatch help if needed or provide rapid response when a security officer is unavailable. In addition, drones offer a safe way to monitor your property without you having to be there.
  • Long-Range Cameras: Have the capability to be your eyes and ears when you are not on site. They can record visitors and activities you can use later to identify perpetrators or resolve legal issues. High-quality cameras are best for this purpose.
  • Motion Sensors: Are able to activate security alarms and alert you to intruders on your property when you don’t want them there. They can also trigger video recordings that you may need later.

Contact DMAC Security to find out how to fully secure your parking lot to prevent crime and handle accidents and other incidents more effectively.

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