6 Questions to Ask When Picking an Unarmed Security Company for Your Business

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According to the National Association of Security Companies, over 1.1 million private security guards are working in the US. The US now joins the list of more than 40 countries where private security officers outnumber the police officers, whose numbers stood at approximately 800,000 in 2017.

Business executives are constantly reexamining their security measures to safeguard their employees, customers, premises, and cyberspace. One of the evaluations includes picking the right private security firm for their business. Here are six questions that can help you pick the right unarmed security company to man your premises.

1. What Security Services Do you Offer?

The largest concentration of security officers (approximately 680,000) work in the investigation and security services in multiple industries. You may need to inquire as to what types of security different companies offer—armed or unarmed—and align that with your specific business’ needs. Discuss how many guards they could provide, and ask if their services include proprietary security systems for effective management.

2. Are They Licensed?

Licensing procedures for private security firms vary across different states. In Maryland, the licensing agency sets the bar high for individuals wishing to venture into the business. You may need to complete a program recognized by the Maryland Police Training Commission, with three to five years’ experience in a related field. Ask to see a valid license, which should indicate a registered manager and disclose the ownership of the company.

3. How Do They Train and Assess Their Officers?

Your preferred unarmed security company may need to point out the training and assessment procedures for their officers. In Maryland, armed and unarmed officers may have to take training programs recognized by the MPTC to get a license. Inquire about the staff orientation and recurrent training programs within the patrol security service.

4. Can They Customize Their Service Offers?

Private security systems and services are not a one-size-fits-all solution. You may require a tailored and customized approach to meet our unique needs. For example, you may request the unarmed security company to provide guards with extra training in first aid, customer service, or any other skill you deem important.

5. What’s Their Pricing?

The cost of hiring unarmed security guards is a vital factor to keep in mind. Quality services may attract a higher rate but will offer a higher-quality experience and performance for your business. Routine evaluations can help you figure out if you are getting value for your money based on the performance metrics.

6. How Long Do They Take to Re-Evaluate Their Security Strategy?

You may need to pick an unarmed security company that regularly updates its security strategy to better fit its client needs. Regular reviews ensure that the private security firm can match your business expansion or changing crime environment around your premises. Determine the company’s flexibility in adapting to the changes, allowing you to add new levels of security to better protect your staff, clients, and visitors.

Private security services are a key pillar to securing business and residential areas within the nation. The six questions above can act as a guide to finding the right unarmed security company in Baltimore. However, remember that they are only a guide and you are always free to ask as many questions as possible before choosing a security company. If you would like to get started today, reach out to DMAC Security for a comprehensive assessment and quotation for your business.

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