8 Reasons Why Your Party or Event Needs Security Guards




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Many states across the U.S. are beginning to relax their pandemic restrictions. Public and private communal events, both large and small, are again being scheduled. Sporting events, concerts, large weddings, business conventions, and other gatherings where many people will congregate are back on the menu. If your organization, business, school, or family is planning such an event in Maryland in the coming year, you’ll face some unique challenges. You’ll have to consider any Covid restrictions that remain in place and take steps to ensure your guests comply. You also have to expect that after having been locked down and restricted for over a year, your guests might be inclined to be a little more indulgent and rowdy than usual. Younger people might feel encouraged to engage in behavior beyond the normal. The best way to keep things under control is to hire a company that provides event security services.

Considering these new challenges, it’s more important than ever that planning for significant events of any type includes hiring the services of experienced event security guards. Hiring a professional event security company is the best way to ensure that your guests have a great time while staying safe and healthy. Event security services can also protect yourself from liability for accidents and injuries. Here are 7 reasons why you need event security.

1. Guest List Management And Access Control

Ticketed and Invitation Only events featuring celebrity performers and speakers and plan to serve food and alcoholic beverages are a natural target for ‘gate-crashers. Keeping out uninvited persons is necessary to avoid violating facility capacities and keeping out individuals who might try to disrupt the event for whatever reason. Event security guards are experienced at monitoring all access points to the event, checking guest lists and taking tickets, tactfully dissuading the uninvited, and providing directions and assistance to legitimate guests.

2. Crowd Control

Large crowds, especially those at concerts and sporting events, can quickly become unruly and pose a hazard to people and property. Event security guards have special training in crowd control techniques. Those techniques include but are not limited to identifying potential trouble spots, recognizing an incident getting ready to happen, and using de-escalation tactics to defuse the situation before it gets out of hand. Just the presence of security guards patrolling the crowd and facility goes a long way towards keeping things calm and peaceful.

3. Property Protection

Whether your event is being held in a rented indoor facility or a large outdoor venue like a private residence or a public park, you’ll want to ensure the property is protected from damage and theft. When they aren’t being observed, people in big gatherings will inevitably wander into areas they aren’t supposed to be and take liberties with the facilities. Security patrols are a big part of any event security service. A patrol can be deployed to monitor any property, no matter how large, and be ready to respond when needed. Protecting both property and guests is their priority.

4. Enforce Covid Restrictions

If you’re in a state or municipality that still has pandemic mandates in place, you might face stiff fines and penalties if your guests don’t follow them. Event security guards can help to ensure that they are enforced.

5. Emergency Response

If the unexpected happens at your event, whether it be a fire, a bomb threat, a medical emergency, or a shooter, having personnel on-site trained in emergency response protocols can be a lifesaver. Event security guards can swing into action quickly, using crowd control techniques to prevent a stampede for the exits, helping guests evacuate in a fast and orderly manner, providing first aid, and immediately contacting police and fire department first responders. DMAC Security guards are also trained to constantly scan the facility and grounds, on the lookout for fire hazards, signs of unauthorized entry, suspicious individuals, and hazardous situations to prevent emergencies before they happen.

6. VIP Security

At events featuring celebrities or political figures, the personal safety of these individuals is of utmost importance. Even if these people have their security personnel, an added layer of protection is always appreciated. It will enhance your reputation and trust when you invite high-profile guests to future events. DMAC Security has provided executive protection to our client for many years and has earned an excellent reputation for the quality of service and reliability. Our executive protection teams are specially trained and experienced at providing the best personal protection in the business.

7. Manage Media Access

If you plan to have VIPs and celebrities appear at your event, you must also expect that members of the media will be there to cover it. If you desire media coverage, then you’ll probably want to manage who gets in and who doesn’t, and if you don’t wish to content of a private event, then you’ll want to keep all the reporters and paparazzi out. This can be harder than it sounds, as the media has proven itself very clever at gaining access to places where they’re not wanted. Professional event security guards are the solution. They’ll keep a wary eye on the media, identifying and admitting authorized media personnel and keeping the others at bay. They will patrol the grounds looking for likely unauthorized access points and ensure that only the media you want to be there will gain entry.

8. Crime Detection And Prevention

Security guards are trained to detect crime and the potential for corruption. Significant events usually have expensive audio and visual equipment and other valuable items at the venue and often have guests carrying large amounts of cash and wearing expensive jewelry. All are prime targets for opportunistic crooks. Event guards are experienced at spotting suspicious individuals and activity. Just the presence of security teams patrolling the venue and their conspicuous presence in the crowd is usually enough to deter criminals from acting.

DMAC Security has over 30 years of experience serving over 250 clients in all types of businesses and industries. Our professional staff is highly experienced, and all of our employees are required to complete ongoing in-house training to maintain their skills to the highest industry standards.Let us show you how we can protect your next event or your business or property. Call DMAC Security at (443) 342-2724, drop into our offices at 122 Slade Ave suite 102 Baltimore, MD 21208, or contact us online anytime for a free consultation about your specific security needs.

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