7 Ways To Hire and Retain Security Specialists

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These days finding and retaining employees and good talent is a challenge. The security industry is growing and offers many great opportunities for people who want to break into a lucrative, service-oriented field. Here we outline 6 ways to hire and retain security specialists.

Strategies to Hire and Retain Good Security People

The threat landscape has changed dramatically, and the demand for good security professionals is high. As an employer, to compete, you need to rethink your strategies behind hiring and keeping security specialists, including:

Higher Pay, Better Benefits

One of the main things you can do is to offer higher pay than the going rate and exceptional benefits. It may not be the only aspect that matters to an employee, but a solid and liveable income is certainly a motivator.

Work-Life Balance

One thing The Great Resignation has taught us is that employees want a better work-life balance. Prioritize this in your ads to recruit new security personnel and back it up with action. Offer paid time off to allow employees the rest and relaxation they need to recharge their batteries.

Provide Training and Challenges

Someone new coming in the door wants to know you will provide plenty of training to get them up to speed and offer challenges in their daily work. Be sure to provide ongoing training to keep security personnel up to speed with the latest threats and solutions.

Cutting-Edge Resources and Tools

A massive benefit for security specialists is working with cutting-edge tools and resources that make their job easier. Invest in technology to help your security specialists work smarter, not harder.

Opportunities for Advancement

Many people don’t mind joining the bottom rung of a ladder as long as there is an opportunity for them to climb. Create an environment where security officers have advancement opportunities so that they are motivated to stay and grow with your company and not move on to another job.

Offer Certification Training

Many people working in security want to move up the ranks by earning specific certificates. Encourage certification by offering training for tests and paying for the fees as part of their employment.

Rely on Security Experts for Help

One of the best ways to find good security specialists and retain them is to consult security experts who find and train people on all aspects of security. We have a robust training program and work with clients to staff their schools, businesses, and organizations with highly trained, efficient security personnel.

DMAC Security has been in business for over 30 years, keeping people, places, and things safe. Contact us today if you need help finding good security personnel.

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