8 Reasons Your School Campus Could Benefit From a Security Check Before Students Head Back to Class




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Kids, teachers and administrators will be going back to school soon, and parents and communities are nervous given the rash of school shootings over the past few years. The best defense in these situations is being well prepared for anything. Right now is the time for school campuses to get a thorough security check before the kids head back to the classroom.

Some tips to include in your campus security check include:

Test Fire Alarms and Emergency Protocols

A basic security check includes checking to ensure fire alarms work and emergency protocols are in place, and all staff members and kids are properly trained on what to do in the event of an emergency. Training should include different types of emergencies like fires and shooter incidents.

Check Locks

All campus locks should be tested, and some critical areas should be re-keyed to ensure strict access restrictions. Create a policy of inventorying keys and keeping track of who has a copy to specific areas or rooms.

Secure Windows/Entrances

Secure all windows and doors along with other areas of egress. Station a guard and metal detector at all main entrances and keep other doors and exits locked to monitor everyone who comes on the premises. Additionally, some communities are building fences around school grounds to limit access.

Hire Extra Security Personnel

Keeping schools and kids safe is a number one priority. In the wake of last year’s tragedy, it makes sense to hire and position extra security guards around the campus to cover all areas where problems could arise.

Invest in Security Technology (cameras, metal detectors, etc.)

Technology can help security in many ways. Cameras placed in all public areas of the campus can aid security personnel in monitoring suspicious activity. Additionally, schools can use AI (artificial intelligence) to help monitor video footage and alert security when certain conditions are present. Metal detectors, keycards, and even drones can assist in keeping schools a lot safer.

Train Security Personnel to Look for Suspicious Actions and Respond Immediately

The purpose of security personnel is to monitor and then detect and respond to any threats on campus. School guards may require specialized training to watch for suspicious actions and monitor visitors, students, and faculty for possible weapons or other dangerous intentions.

Threat Assessment

Another preventative measure is performing a complete threat assessment and regular practices to monitor social media and other public forums that may indicate a threat is forthcoming.

Formalize Your Security Plan

It’s time to take school security seriously, which means formalizing your security plan and budgeting for substantial changes to tighten up access, institute stronger policies, use technology to assist security personnel, and keep everyone safe.

How to Implement a Security Plan

Contact DMAC Security today if you want to learn more about developing or implementing a security plan for your school campus. We have over 30 years of experience in security and training in dozens of industries including education.

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