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Apartment buildings and gated residential societies require a well-planned and robust security solution to ensure the safety of the residents and properties. The security risks differ from apartment to apartment and the security measures need to be planned accordingly. However, the one constant in any security plan is the apartment security guard. He or she is the key to ensuring that the security plan is executed properly.

We, at DMAC Security, have over three decades of experience in providing security services and security guards to apartment buildings across Maryland. The Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention has collected historical data of thefts, break-ins, burglaries and other criminal activities committed in apartment buildings, gated residential societies, retirement societies, etc., across cities in Maryland. There’s data related to other threats and dangers these places are exposed to as well. When we develop security plans for an apartment building, we take into account this historical data for that particular city and neighborhood.

We follow a meticulous three-step process in deploying the right apartment security guard that matches your requirements. Firstly, we will invite you over for a free consultation. At this stage, we learn about your specific security requirements, while you learn what DMAC Security can provide that other security services companies can’t. We will tell you about all the various services we provide as part of our apartment security services, how each security measure will be implemented and what the impact will be. In the second stage, we begin working on developing a strategy to tackle the various threats and risks we identified during the first stage. We do not leave any stone unturned while designing specific security measures for each risk and evaluate what the impact of the said security measure will be. If the potential impact of the security measure isn’t good enough, we go back to the drawing board and come up with better options. Finally, in the third stage, we deploy the right apartment security guard, with the necessary training and skill set to execute the security strategies we have developed. Each security personnel working with DMAC is trained and certified. A number of them are former law enforcement agents or military officers, which makes them ideally placed to calmly manage stressful tasks and duties and control dangerous situations.

Responsibilities of the Apartment Security Guard

A security guard deployed to an apartment is entrusted with multiple tasks and responsibilities. Managing so many things at the same time can be challenging, but this is why they undergo rigorous training.

  • First and foremost, the apartment security guard deployed by DMAC Security will be vigilant and alert at all times. It’s their responsibility to detect suspicious behavior and intruders, before any harm is caused. Our security guards have excellent vision and a keen sense of smell and sound. If someone attempts to break a window or a fire breaks out, they will detect it right away and take the appropriate action to nullify the threat. Our security guards also make it a point to remain visible at all times, as that’s a great deterrent for miscreants.
  • Once a threat or risk has been detected, how the security guard responds and controls the situation is just as important. In such situations, it’s extremely important the apartment security guard remains calm and makes smart decisions. Over the years our security guards have encountered a diverse range of situations on the job and we use this knowledge to train our new security guards, which ensures they prepared for each and every situation.
  • Irrespective of the seriousness of an incident or situation, our security guards report everything to their supervisors. When required, they inform the appropriate law enforcement agencies or emergency services.
  • We also deploy apartment security guards to operate mobile patrols around apartments and within gated societies. The patrols could be carried out on foot or in vehicles. The patrols are coordinated and planned is such a way that each square inch of the property is covered at periodic intervals. We have seen that such mobile patrols are effective deterrents and chances of threats or dangers cropping up drastically reduce when mobile patrols are deployed.
  • Monitoring video footage from close circuit television (CCTV) cameras positioned around the apartment is another key responsibility of the apartment security guard. It’s a monotonous and boring task and only security guards with high levels of concentration are entrusted with this responsibility.

All security guards who are part of the DMAC Security team have the requisite state-sponsored certification, which is mandatory in Maryland. They also have a Wear and Carry Permit, which is also mandatory in Maryland for security guards to carry a firearm.

We encourage potential clients to ask us questions and clarify any you may have. Our team would love to hear from you. You can call us on (301) 579-4129 or write to us at dweingot@dmacstrategic.com.

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