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If you want to raise the security level of your business or facility, work with a trusted armed security company near you: DMAC Security. You definitely want armed security services that are able to respond to emergencies at the drop of a hat. However, finding the right armed security services for your business can be a challenge, one that can be problematic at best, a serious concern for your business at worst.

At DMAC Security, we offer you a free consultation followed by a risk assessment to make sure everyone is on the same page about your company’s need and how you’d like those needs met. With over 30 years of professional security patrol experience, our highly-qualified, highly-trained team is ready to help you keep your site safe and secure.

Well Trained Armed Security For Hire

We don’t believe in hiring just anyone off the street, even if they’ve had prior experience at other private security companies. Our security guards receive online and classroom training that exceed state requirements, with ongoing training throughout the year. Our armed security officers are trained in conflict resolution and de-escalation to ensure that they see that force is their last option, then they are trained in non-lethal and lethal weapons options.

GPS Patrol Tracking

Your site has a range of specific areas of interest that you want watched. How do you ensure that your armed security service is checking those sites regularly to prevent any problems? Whether it’s an area with potential for fire, a spot that is less secure than you would like or a location where you keep materials, equipment or other valuable assets, GPS Patrol Tracking provides a great option to consider.

But what is it? Using GPS technology, we’ll work through locating these specific areas of interest for your company, marking the exact location. Our patrols will then be instructed to regularly check these specific areas in addition to their more general route. This helps keep specific assets under a close watch without losing that same level of observation across the rest of your site.

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What Type of Locations Need Armed Security?

The type of location that requires armed security services can vary, covering a range of different industries, specialties and needs. At DMAC Security, our extensive experience allows us to integrate effective teams into a number of different situations effectively.

Industrial Locations

Manufacturing, warehousing, materials handling: industrial locations have their own concerns that may require armed security. Whether you’re worried about industrial espionage or just a few teens breaking in and wreaking havoc on your expensive production machines, having armed security in place to deal with these issues can make the difference between keeping your facility operating effectively and dealing with losses.

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Medical Facilities

Whether your concern is monitoring visitor traffic, making sure your ER stays safe for handling patients who are out of control, the security needs of a medical facility can often include many situations, locations, and security levels. To keep your patients safe from those who would do them harm and to keep your facility operating without losses from theft, adding armed security services can be a great option.

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Residential Communities

Whether you run a high-end gated community or need extra security for high-level clients, having the right armed security services for your community can help it succeed. From plainclothes security that can blend in with your residents to uniformed security to keep your borders tight, our security guards fit in well to any situation, making it much easier to set your residents’ minds at ease.

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It seems like every month we hear about a new active shooter situation at a school. Unfortunately, too many of these situations end tragically due to lack of well-trained armed security on site. The extensive training our armed security services receive includes working with a wide range of situations and learning how to de-escalate and resolve conflicts without force whenever possible, leaving force as a last resort.

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Entertainment Events

Have an entertainer coming in for a show that has specific security requirements? We can take care of all your security needs so that you can focus on getting the show in the limelight. Our guards keep your entertainment acts safe while otherwise staying quietly in the background, making it easy for your attendees to safely enjoy the show.

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