Baltimore Mobile Security Patrols

30 Years of Baltimore Mobile Security Patrol Experience

Finding the right company to offer you a security patrol in Baltimore is paramount. Security patrol service use marked vehicles will flashing lights to serve as an effective crime deterrent. Security patrol officers can respond quickly to security threats. This service will keep your operation safe. At DMAC Security, we specialize in providing the finest security patrols in the area.

Baltimore Mobile Security Patrols

Our mobile security patrol is something that you might be familiar with. This is when we assign a uniformed officer to patrol an area in one of our security vehicles. The vehicles have markings identifying them as security vehicles and flashing lights alerting would-be thieves that the location is being protected.

Our officers are on the lookout for safety risks, criminal activity or general misconduct. They use their visible presence and communication skills to prevent crimes.

Our services are aimed at stopping people from loitering, trespassing, vandalizing, and robbing your business. Our patrol officers patrol primarily patrol your location in a vehicle. However, they use foot patrol techniques to patrol common areas and other parts of your site that require foot patrols. We combine vehicle and foot patrol techniques resulting in the best, most comprehensive security patrol services in the region.


Baltimore Random Security Patrols

Our random security patrol is another service that we offer. Random patrols involve a security officer conducting vehicle patrols at a location, leaving and periodically returning to conduct additional patrols.

Though not as effective as ongoing mobile security patrols, random security patrols can be a cost -effective approach to protecting a location. Random security patrols are most effective when they are used to patrol several locations that are within a few miles radius of each other.


Why Choose DMAC For Mobile Security Patrols

There are many reasons why people choose DMAC Security. We offer top-of-the-line security patrol services that do more than ride around in a vehicle. We combine foot and vehicle patrols and monitor patrol activity with our advanced quality assurance system.

We will deter potential criminals, provide the best possible security officers, and put your needs at the forefront of our company. We want you, your employees, and your guests to feel truly secure. As the world gets volatile you need a more reliable and robust security company in your corner. You’ll get that from DMAC Security.


GPS Patrol Tracking Systems

We use industry-leading GPS tracking technology to monitor the activity of the mobile security patrol officers. This allows the officer’s location to be continually monitored. The officers locations, actions and speed can all be monitored remotely in real-time.

Patrol tracking makes sure that the officers are going to the right places at the right time. It also encourages security officers to provide consistent, high-quality service.

Our guards feel more accountable as this software tracks them. It allows them to focus on protecting your company and not spend time doing anything else. They know they are being watched.


Professional Security Vehicles

A lot of companies in the area think putting a magnet on the side of their car makes it a security car. At DMAC Security, we have marked security patrol vehicles with professional markings and flashing lights.

Our professional vehicles work so much better than someone’s random car. The vehicles we offer the best result for your property. Seeing a legitimate security vehicle will further deter potential criminals rather than a standard car with a sticker on the side.


Well Trained Security Officers

At DMAC Security, we realized that we’re only as good as our officers. Since they will be the main point of contact between us and our clients, we decided to put most of our attention on our officers.

It starts with the training they receive. We go above and beyond to provide real-world training that hones our officers’ skills. The result? You get a well-trained security officer that is capable of protecting your organization in many different ways.

They understand the different situations they can find themselves in, and they know what to do. At the end of the day, a security officer with no training is of no use to your company.


30 Years of Security Experience

Building from the same idea, our company has more than 30 years of experience. You cannot discount the value of experience in this industry

Quality security companies operate with the backing and experience of many years. Our clients can rest assured that they’re getting the best treatment in the industry.

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