Benefits of a Hybrid Security Strategy

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Maximizing your security coverage with on-site personnel and offsite remote monitoring
A hybrid security strategy deploys an on-site security presence (i.e. armed/unarmed guards, foot patrols) with offsite monitoring services (i.e. video surveillance).
There are several benefits to utilizing a hybrid security strategy. Mixing on-site guards with remote surveillance can act as a force multiplier, diffuse dangerous situations earlier, and attract a wider range of security personnel.
Here we cover the benefits of having a hybrid security strategy, and what your organization can do to ensure you have a successful on-site and offsite presence.

A force multiplier

Over the past decade, remote monitoring technology has made some serious strides. Digital security firms can plug directly into a company’s CCTV, or easily install a video surveillance system at an affordable price.
This technology serves as a force multiplier, and allows security professionals to virtually be everywhere at once. Using a mix of boots on the ground guards and video monitoring services ensures that there are eyes on all areas, as well as the manpower to diffuse an unfolding situation. As off-site staff monitor CCTV footage, they can alert onsite personnel about potentially dangerous situations and tell law enforcement about the unfolding scenario.

Diffusing dangerous situations

Video surveillance gives organizations a leg up on emergencies, and can help evacuate employees if necessary before a situation becomes too dangerous. Moreover, video surveillance is often done round-the-clock, so offsite monitors can take proper action even if there is not an on-site security guard on duty.

Overcoming labor challenges

Since the start of the pandemic, employees have made their preferences for remote work clear. This shift in how and where people work has also come in the midst of one of the greatest labor shortages in modern history.
To attract and retain the best security talent, employers will have to update their office policies, and this includes security professionals. By expanding security measures to include both physical and remote personnel, organizations can expand their net and reach more potential security staff.
To learn more about hybrid security strategies, contact us.

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