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30 Years of Baltimore Fire Watch Service Experience

Is your fire alarm malfunctioning? Do you need fire watch patrols? DMAC Security and Fire Watch provides professional fire watch to buildings and residential communities across the Greater Baltimore Region. Our dispatch team is standing by 24/7, ready to send our fire watch team to your location.

The Greater Baltimore Region’s Best Fire Watch Service

DMAC is the leading provider of fire watch services in the Greater Baltimore Region. We are fire watch specialists with a fire watch team on stand by 24/7. Property managers and building owners across the region see us as their preferred source of fire watch patrol services. No one provides better fire watch services for less.

  • Live dispatch standing by 24/7
  • Leading fire watch service provider
  • Professional fire watch team
  • Competitive rates

What is a fire watch patrol service?

Fire watch patrol service is provided whenever any part of your fire alarm or fire suppression system is malfunctioning. A fire watch patrol officer walks the building watching for signs of smoke or fire. In case of fire, fire watch personnel notify the fire department and assist the building occupants.

We understand the fire watch regulations

We know what it takes to provide fire watch services that are compliant with local regulations. Unlike some jurisdictions, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, and Howard County all follow the State’s fire watch regulations rather than create their own rules. Most buildings require one person per building. However, the fire marshal reserves the right to increase the requirement for larger installations. Increased personnel is typically required for large facilities that hold groups of people. For example, a movie theatre or stadium would likely require additional fire watch personnel. Our understanding of the regulations helps us provide the best fire watch services in full compliance with the fire watch regulations.

We have a professional fire watch team

Due to the volume of fire watch work that we provide, our personnel have significant fire watch experience. At DMAC, we understand the importance of training fire watch personnel. All DMAC fire watch personnel complete fire watch training. In addition, all of our fire watch personnel are licensed security guards who have passed background checks conducted by the Maryland State Police. All fire watch patrol activity is documented in fire watch patrol logs, as required by the fire marshal. DMAC fire watch personnel have the experience and education to provide high-quality fire watch patrol services.

  • Experienced fire watch personnel
  • Patrol activity recorded in patrol logs
  • Standing by 24/7

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