Bouncer Security

Bouncer Security

Doormen and security guards are referred to as ‘bouncers’ in the nightclub and bar industry. A club bouncer’s job is to maintain your employees’ and customers’ safety inside these establishments, including tasks like monitoring the exits and entrances of the bars, watching the patrons for altercations, settling disputes, and look after areas where cash exchange is held or changes hands.

A stereotype among bouncers is they are tough-guys with dubious pasts and a cold demeanor that kick out anyone who displeases them. However, this assumption is from their actual job. A club bouncer needs to be more than hired muscle. They are valuable members of your front of house team, protecting your employees and guests’ security.

If you’re considering adding on-site security services to your bar or nightclub, it’s best to hire bouncers from a reliable company. To help you get the best protection for your business, here’s everything you need to know before hiring bouncers.

What does a Bouncer do?

There are several jobs that bouncer security guards typically perform. These will depend on the size of the area they’re patrolling, the quantity of alcohol served, the number of customers, and the security risks that come with the establishment.

There are several jobs that bouncer security guards typically perform. These will depend on the size of the area they’re patrolling, the quantity of alcohol served, the number of customers, and the security risks that come with the establishment.

Control the Crowd
The main reason for any bouncer job on the market is for clubs to have control over their club’s flow of foot traffic, ensuring maximum security. These exclusive security guards are in charge of controlling a club’s crowd, removing problematic patrons, and contacting local authorities when a situation goes beyond their control.

Check Identification
Another duty that most bouncers’ job includes is checking the identification for every patron who wants to enter a club or bar since these security guards often get employed in places that serve alcohol. They need to check guests’ identification cards (IDs) at the establishment’s entrances and doors to ensure each person inside the building is 21 years old or older. Bouncers are also in charge of spotting fake IDs.

Ensuring Security
Patrons at nightclubs and bars typically go to these establishments to have a good time, resulting in too much drinking. This factor can become dangerous, especially in a packed venue. It’s the bouncers or security guard’s job to ensure that everyone is protected. Their responsibilities include frisking patrons before going inside to ensure they’re not carrying any illegal contraband.

Monitoring Guest Lists and Appropriate Dress Codes
Some club events are exclusive and are strictly invite-only, and it’s the bouncer’s job to ensure that people not on the guest list don’t enter the premises. It’s also part of their job to ensure that patrons follow the establishment’s particular dress code.

Collecting Cover Charge Services
A nightclub or bar can sometimes require cover charges for patrons to enter their establishments. Collecting and handling these fees is also usually part of the bouncer’s job.

Bouncer Skills and Qualifications

Bouncer jobs can be dangerous; that’s why it’s best to consider hiring a security guard that has undergone proper training. However, most states don’t require bouncers any education other than a high school diploma. Candidates with formal training in self-defense, martial arts, or crowd control have higher chances of becoming bouncers. Individuals with military training or law enforcement training are also perfect for it

If you’re looking to hire part-time or full-time security personnel for your nightclubs or bars, here are some qualifications that you should consider first to ensure you get the best talent.

  • License
    Before hiring a bouncer, first, you need to ensure that the individual has a proper license or a ‘guard card.’ Each state’s requirements for guards are different, but most require unarmed bouncers to meet specific qualifications to receive their cards. Part of the training to receive this card is CPR or first responder training.
  • Training
    You’ll need to hire individuals that have undergone professional training if you want to have the best talent around. You can also consider those who have some experience dealing with unruly people if they don’t have the proper training. However, if you want the person to have a license, the individual needs to receive training before getting the card.
  • Clean Background
    Besides training, this aspect is also essential if you want to have a dependable security force for your establishment. Ensure that all individuals you consider hiring have clear criminal backgrounds for your patrons and other staff’s security.
  • Ask the Candidate to Show their Certifications
    It’s important to remember that there’s a difference between having a license and being certified for bodyguards. A license is a government-issued permit granted to individuals who don’t have the proper bodyguard training, depending on the state or country’s licensing requirements. In contrast, certificates are proof that the bodyguard has undergone complete professional security training. Various countries have different organizations that issue these certificates to professional bodyguards.

Other informal but essential requirements include security experience, they need to be physically fit, undergo safety protocol training, and have training regarding situational awareness, professionalism, and problem-solving skills. You can consult with your local security company to see if they have an individual with the right training and working requirements to add to your talented pool of employees.

Do You Need Bouncers?

If you’re debating if you need bouncers, evaluate your establishment’s need for security to settle violent confrontations. Another factor to consider is the risks present to your employees and patrons. If you think your regular workers can’t handle all these duties, hiring a new bouncer to your security team is the best choice. However, remember that most security duties are non-violent, so hiring new bouncers is unnecessary if you think your existing team can handle it.

Bouncers can be a great addition to your security teams, so if you’re looking to add some extra hands to enhance your establishment’s security, consider hiring these talented individuals. You can find a bouncer in your local security company that offers these services.

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