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Business security is something you take seriously. You don’t want to leave anything to chance, which is why you’re looking around at security options for your company. There are a number of security measures you need to consider, but traditional security for your employees, your facility, and your customers, still needs to be a top priority. DMAC has the right security services to keep your customers, employees and assets protected. Whatever your business security needs, DMAC is ready to serve.

Why choose DMAC

This isn’t an industry you last long in if you’re not able to provide a company with the very best in security. DMAC Security has been in business for over 30 years. There isn’t a situation we haven’t encountered or experienced during those three decades of being working in this business. Plus, 100% of our guards are highly trained, and the vehicles we use are GPS monitored to ensure a strict schedule is maintained. These are just some of the security measures taken by our company that the competition doesn’t always utilize.

Unarmed Business Security Guards

Sometimes you don’t need armed security guards. Instead, you need someone on their feet monitoring the facility. Maybe you want someone inside the store in order to watch people coming in and out to make sure they are not taking anything they didn’t pay for. Or perhaps you want someone to walk around the building to check and keep an eye out on the property. This can be done on foot, via a vehicle, or you can have them inside monitoring as well. Whatever works best for you is what works best for DMAC Security.

Fire Watch Security

Loss Prevention Security

Loss prevention is all about keeping people from stealing from your retail store. It can be something as simple as watching people to make sure they don’t slip packets of gum into their pockets. Of course, you can’t physically monitor everyone walking into your store to make sure they don’t take anything (or that employees don’t perform internal theft within your business). That is why you need to look towards a security service provider to help out. Loss prevention security is one option, and if you’re not sure if you should opt for an unarmed or armed security guard for this position the team at DMAC Security can help you determine this.

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Security Concierge

The concierge security is also helpful in assisting individuals who are arriving at your property and at the front desk. This is part security part concierge. Think of it as a customer service professional who also specializes in offering security to your business.

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Access Control Security

Having security checkpoints helps regulate who comes and goes from your place of business. Perhaps you want to have this right at the front of the building in order to check clearance prior to anyone getting inside. Or, maybe you’d like to establish different checkpoints throughout the building, where security members check IDs to make sure only certain employees are given access to different locations of your property.

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Mobile Security Patrols

With mobile security patrols, you will have security professionals making rounds throughout your building, around the facility, and wherever else you might need them.

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Contact DMAC Security For All Your Security Needs

If you know your business requires some sort of security but you’re not exactly sure what options will work out best, DMAC Security is here for you. The team of security professionals will go over your business, look through crime statistics where your place of business is located, and work with you on crafting the very best line of defense to protect your business, your employees, and your property. The longer you wait the longer your company is exposed, so make sure to contact DMAC Security at your earliest convenience.

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