Car Dealer Security

Car Dealer Security: The Modern Approach

Businesses like car dealership security are inevitable to a lot of threats. Customer and employee safety, theft, anti-social behavior, security blind spots, loitering, and the risk of vandalism are just a few examples of security challenges. To seriously combat this range of threats, It is crucial to critically provide reliable and practical solutions to guard valuable stocks and ensure customer, employee, and car dealer ‘s safety.

How to enhance car dealership security

Enhance Ventilation
The absence of light serves as an invitation for thieves to do their work. With the advance LED systems, having a well-lighted place at a fair price will no longer be a problem. Enhanced lighting will complement video surveillance systems, although it is no longer necessary because the current surveillance systems operate with thermal imaging security cameras and InfraRed lighting.

Make Car Towing a Difficult Job
Towing can also be an option for thieves. It’s a more straightforward job to compare with stealing keys and bypassing alarms. Once a car is successfully out of the auto dealership, they can make anything with it at their leisure. To ensure that vehicles on car lots will be difficult to tow, car dealerships must secure e-brakes and full locking of wheels left to right.

Securing Of Keys
While it is a usual practice of auto dealerships to leave keys to predictable locations for easy access to the whole team of dealers, it will also serve as an opportunity to thieves. Tickets should be kept in a secure place where dealership staff can only access.

GPS Utilization
Utilizing GPS is a piece of obvious advice but is also worth mentioning especially auto dealership security. GPS helps provide exact information and also tracks the movement of the vehicle. It can also be used for route monitoring and progress and help distinguish vehicle speed, direction, and time for real-time navigation. Manufacturers and significant dealers offer inexpensive deals on the security system charted for the car dealership business.

Signing out procedure implementation
Tighter dealership security needs to follow an accurate and strict implementation of the sign out the operation. That will keep logs of vehicle activities, which will track the proper time designation of cars individually. In the event of theft, Police can consult to trace and follow up the trail.

CCTV System Monitoring
CCTV monitoring systems help secure a cost-effective solution to an auto dealership. It can be connected live for 24/7 or switched on when it needs to attend the site. In times of theft or unusual activity, an alert is sent to the monitoring station for verification. Multiple security camera usages help view the auto dealership and other business sites from a different angle. Cameras can also be zoomed and pan to investigate the cause of alarm further. That is a crucial step in ensuring that thieves cannot hide on blinds spots, which a security guard can not do by just roaming using his naked eyes. It is also cost-effective compared to a manning solution.

Modern Video Surveillance

With today’s advancements, the integration of technology authorized intelligent software to evaluate video feed for possible danger in car dealership security. This new system designed for auto dealership security is called Proactive Video Monitoring. This system can provide a clear picture of long-range vision because it utilizes high definition security cameras. A video analyzation is conducted for any distinguishable threat with the use of an algorithm.

A highly trained intervention specialist who will be in charge of handling the system will receive an alert if the software has detected any dealership security threat. Within a matter of seconds, assessment of the signal will then follow through a live video feed.

Intervention protocol sequence

With suspicious activity and theft detection in the car dealership security site, an alert will be sent to the remote monitoring system. After an alarm is sent, the security camera’s footage is directly routed to the security operator. A warning will be done using a live voice warning; this will deter thieves from the site. Police and emergency services will then be alerted and notified at this instance. That will make sure that a designated security keyholder will be warned at the site. In case the area remains at risk, the security operator will seek added help to update emergency services. This situation will be monitored live until the problem will be resolved.

How Monitored Video Surveillance Works

Deters Vandalism and Theft
An intervention specialist for dealership security deployed in a remote monitoring system will be notified immediately for human movement; this is done by detection positioned behind the high definition cameras. In this instance, the security intervention specialist will make sure to connect to view live the reported activity and then follow a personalized protocol. Intruders will be alerted with an audio warning, and Police will also be notified. Its protocol follows a track record that is proven to deter crimes before happening in dealerships.

Always practical, reliable and on at all times
A potential system failure will occur if dealerships will solely rely on hardware. This modern security monitoring surveillance system conducts continuous health checks regularly. With this so, it will monitor the security system’s situation on the dealership if it needs repair, the dispatching of the system engineer to the business area will follow.

Benefits of Proactive Video Monitoring

Lessen Security Costs
Dealership security solutions are sure expensive, but the benefit of investing in this type of system will save a lot of costs on maintenance in the long run. With many solutions available in the market, it is the best solution that is worth every money spent. It is also cost-effective as compared to manning solutions. Security cameras do jobs 24/7 all year round to prevent possible break-ins scan every part of the car lot and the whole premises without missing a single action. Auto dealership business like these is 4 x more likely attractive to theft. The alarms will be carefully assessed and will be picked quickly. The Police and the dealership will only be notified when a verified intrusion occurs. That will then eliminate costly call-outs.

Fast and Reliable Responding
Calls coming from the intervention specialist for dealership security are treated with great urgency compared to a general market given to the Police. Alert will be verified effectively and visually, resulting in a more quick response. Also, the presence of help shows customers that customers are well taken care of, which can help improve your auto dealership perception.

A dealer can manage and access recorded and watch the video feed live over phones, tablets, and laptops of the whole perimeter of the dealerships at home or while you are in motion. As a dealer, you can also remotely and easily detect dishonest and false customers’ claims, which will prevent suing, the wort fear in any business.

Keeping track of the security of car dealerships as a whole is quite tricky. Still, with the help of modern technology, it steps up the game to a whole new level, creating more useful and reliable solutions for peace of mind.

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