Unarmed Security Services

Why Sometimes Unarmed Security Is The Best Option

When you own or manage a residential building, warehouse, factory, or small business, you want to protect those assets. Some business owners and property managers install security cameras, or alarm systems. Others view armed or unarmed security guards as the best

Even one year later, the fatal shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs in Colorado after gunman David Patrick Kelley opened fire on the congregation reminds us of the fragility of life. It also brings back a painful reminder

How to respond to an active shooter as well as active shooter incidents have been all over the news lately. It’s becoming essential for security personnel to be properly trained in how to respond to active shooter situations knowing time is

Many benefits lie in developing in-house leadership by training and advancing your top staff members. Rather than seek leadership outside your organization, you can train your people with your exact values, corporate goals, and procedures for doing things, and ensuring their

Smart buildings are becoming increasingly popular as the futuristic internet-connectivity trend takes hold. According to Security Magazine, the demand for smart buildings is likely to grow by more than 22% each year. Just about every aspect of life is touched by

Although the security landscape changes from year to year, it does not change as fast as bad actors who are constantly revamping how they execute attacks. Therefore, security experts must evolve their technologies and best practices to keep up at a

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