End of Year Security Checklist for Businesses

The end of any year is an excellent time for businesses to take stock of where they are, not just in terms of company goals and targets but also to review security measures — both physical and cyber. Here we run

As part of your business strategy, you must consider loss prevention and take steps to avoid incidents such as shoplifting, theft, robbery, skimming, fraud, and other crimes that can affect your profits. Here we outline 8 loss prevention tips and how

These days finding and retaining employees and good talent is a challenge. The security industry is growing and offers many great opportunities for people who want to break into a lucrative, service-oriented field. Here we outline 6 ways to hire and

Property and business owners are responsible for parking lot safety. Unfortunately, violent and property crimes occur roughly 1400 times daily in commercial parking lots. The good news is that now more than ever, there are more security options available to property

Becoming a security specialist is a fulfilling and lucrative career choice. Security, both cyber and physical, continues to be a major concern for companies, big and small. Security specialists keep people, places, and things safe. If you are interested in becoming

Despite cybersecurity professionals working diligently everyday to prevent attacks and to secure networks, the reality is that most companies still do not have sufficient cybersecurity tools and practices in place to keep their networks safe. Here we list the 5 threats

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