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Celebrity Security: The Modern Approach

One of the prices of fame, and being a celebrity means losing their privacy because there will probably not be many moments when they can be alone by themselves. As they are frequently around other people and most especially a bodyguard or a team of bodyguards are always with them at every second that they are out in public. We know that celebrities need to get some protection from a bodyguard, and if the celebrity is a high profile, a security team is usually hired.

But what do we really know about celebrity security? What do these bodyguards really do? How much do they make while giving protection to a celebrity? What is their background? Thinking about these questions alone, we realize that we do not really know much about their work. So then, what is a celebrity bodyguard exactly?

What Does A Celebrity Security Do?

High profile celebrities, especially the famous ones, hire bodyguard to protect from different elements that can harm them. It can include paparazzi, psychotic fans, stalkers, ex-partners, etc. Bodyguarding may seem like exciting work and can be glamorous too, but it is not easy because they need to provide the highest protection to their clients, and they need some exceptional training. If you find out about their backgrounds, you might get surprised by these people’s quality.

The main work of a celebrity bodyguard is to keep their clients safe and, at the same time, happy. Bodyguards should be able to determine and put off any potential harm or threat that awaits their clients. A bodyguard’s scope of work and his work hours vary depending on the preference of the celebrity. They can involve going with them to different functions and events such as business meetings, award ceremonies, music videos, and even dinners and shopping trips.

These bodyguards usually operate as a team and depending on the celebrity that they are protecting, sometimes there is an advanced security team that goes first before the client comes. This progressive group makes sure that the venue and everything else in it is safe for the celebrity. Once they have cleared the location, then they can go to the next venue. Typically, the star arrives with celebrity security, and the latter ensures that he is giving his client the best protection and keeps them relaxed and happy. A celebrity bodyguard must be very keen on details such as turning on the car 10 minutes before the client arrives to get the temperature comfortable and should even be careful in opening his client’s door and helping them go out smoothly.

This law enforcement group that provides executive protection to celebrities and other high profile clients form a sort of a protective bubble and is composed of several layers of professionals that each have a specific role to ensure the client’s total safety and protection. These bodyguards need to deal with various types of people such as directors, managers, restaurant or bar owners, agents, personal assistants, attorneys, producers, promoters, etc.

A celebrity bodyguard may have an 8 to 12-hour shift or shorter or can also be like around the clock assignment, so their working hours vary depending on their clients’ needs and preferences. Their primary role is to keep the people they are protecting to be out of danger and get them to have the executive protection they need.

How Much Do These Bodyguards Make?

Hiring a bodyguard does not come cheap. Instead, it is very costly as it can cost a VIP millions of dollars just to have the protection they seek. A celebrity bodyguard can get a bigger paycheck when assigned to a more complex job, such as protecting a client with a higher threat and the like.

In a year, a bodyguard can earn around $64,700, and their salary can range from $42,000 to $145,000. A security worker working in an elite company can make about $100 per hour and have an 8 to 12-hour duty. The income of a bodyguard may also be based on his experience and the level of security threat that he is working on.

What are the Qualities of a Law Enforcement Security?

Influential personalities all over the world, including the United States, hire bodyguards to offer them protection and ensure that they are away from danger and harm, so this group of law enforcement security is not just the usual one. These kinds of bodyguards undergo some very specialized training, such as police training or special military training.

VIPs in the world need a particular type of security. Top companies also only hire from the elite group, including the Navy Seals, US veterans, the United States Army Delta Force, and other special ops. These men hold special abilities because to be a part of this kind of security. They must have above-average intelligence and strength, composure, an impressive appearance, a significant amount of common sense, and stamina.

Being a part of VIP security, no matter which part of the world they are in, this law enforcement group must always abide by their rules. These rules are composed of the following: they need to be friendly but not familiar, only speak when spoken to, are always expected to think ahead and be proactive. These men are always expected to have a sharp mind and speak with tact.

To make it to a bodyguards cast, they must attend a boot camp where they are taught the things they need to be world-class VIP security. In this kind of training, they will learn how to control a crowd, what to do with stalkers, and make their clients have a quick escape if the need comes for it.

Giving protection to an important personality is never an easy task and requires above-average qualities to do the job.

What Security Firms are Mostly Hired?

Every important person in the world needs to have impeccable security, so they also only hire the best and the most trusted among their peers. Some of the security companies that are being used by actors are:

  • The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills (rights reserved) is the most prestigious security company and is the longest in the business in Southern California.
  • WPG or the World Protection Group, is known to protect musicians, high profile actors, dignitaries, athletes, diplomats, etc.
  • APA Celebrity Protection Agency is a private company that provides a wide range of protective services that include executive, corporate, film set, and commercial security, among many others. This company is also one of the longest ones in the industry. They are known for taking care of some of the big stars in Hollywood.

Which Celebrities Have the Most Protection?

Big names in Hollywood take their safety very seriously and spend so much money to have it. Who are these Hollywood stars, and how much do they spend?

  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spend around $2 Million a year. They have actually spent $235 Million to upgrade their security at home, and this includes having former Special Air Services officers who are highly trained to keep an eye on their home.
  • 50 Cent pays out more than $1 Million per year for his safety.
  • Tom Cruise
  • Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady
  • Jay Z and Beyonce spend about $4 Million a year.
  • Johnny Depp
  • Rihanna
  • Victoria and David Beckham spend around $1 Million per year.
  • Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
  • Jennifer Lopez spends about $1.4 Million a year.
  • Britney Spears has over two people guarding her, and it is said that her guards are having a hard time dealing with her because they also help her solve her issues and manage her decisions, which can be strange at times.

Because these protectors are always around movie stars or strong profiled personalities, some of them have become popular in their own right. Some of them who have become famous themselves are Julius DeBoer, who is among the most known guards in the globe and is one of the three guards of Jay Z and Beyonce. Another one who eventually became an actor himself was Tom Cruise’s former protector, Sean Ringgold, and Mark Billingham, Angelina Jolie’s former security. Now is Tom Cruise’s used to be a SWAT officer and a sniper.

This kind of job certainly has its perks and prestige. Still, it is also very tough because more than the specialized training and having to follow specific rules all the time, they also have to deal with the VIPS personal issues and maintain their privacy.

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