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Cruise ships are operated by cruise lines and have become an important part of the tourism industry around the world. The cruise industry is big business. The number of passengers and revenues are expected to continue growing as the industry invests more into building infrastructure and as more people become interested in this form of tourism.

Along with providing passengers or tourists with a variety of leisure options, amenities, entertainment, etc. options on cruise ships, cruise lines also need to ensure that onboard security is of the highest standard. Cruise guests will be able to truly enjoy themselves, when they are certain that the cruise ship is a safe environment. It will also have a direct impact on the cruise line attracting more guests and generating more revenue.

DMAC Security has been in the security services business for over three decades and we provide a set of specialized cruise security services. We provide a team of trained security staff, who have the necessary skills and experience to handle all possible security issues on a cruise ship. The team will oversee and manage the complete onboard security arrangement. All DMAC security staff are compliant of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

The threat posed by pirates is one of the biggest security risks faced by a cruise ship. Typically, cruise ships, especially the larger ones, have certain onboard defence mechanisms such as high-pressure fire hoses to spray water to prevent pirates from boarding the ship and LRAD sonic cannons. What DMAC security provides in the form of cruise security measures is a complete study of potential threats on the route the ship is scheduled to follow and develop a security strategy for the cruise line, besides providing onboard security personnel.

What Do Cruise Ship Security Personnel Do?

The port authority has a set of security measures in place for screening guests and crew members of a cruise ship. These security measures vary from port to port and from country to country. Once the guests and crew members board the cruise ship, the security responsibilities are handled by the onboard security personnel. Our security staff has ample experience of working on cruise ships and equipped to identify and neutralize all onboard security risks.

  • Managing Access Control of the Ship: The DMAC security team can manage the access control of the cruise ship. There are certain sections of the ship that are accessible only to authorized personnel, as decided by the captain of the ship and the cruise line. Our security team will be stationed in these areas to ensure that no other crew member or guest enters.
  • Handling Screening at the Entry and Exit Points of the Ship: This is one of the key duties of our security team. They will use the latest technology to screen every guest and crew member boarding the cruise ship. Depending on the security policy established by the cruise line, the screening process could involve scanning each person with metal detectors, checking passports and other IDs, thoroughly checking any handbags or other luggage, etc. This process is essential, because cruise security could be compromised by the entry of miscreant(s) on the ship and among the guests.
  • Video Monitoring of All Public Sections of the Ship: Video surveillance is a crucial and helpful security measure. All public sections of the ship, including gangways, hallways and corridors, stairs, etc. are monitored by closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras. The footage from these cameras need to be monitored in order to identify a potential risk, before it can cause any harm. Our security team is trained to closely monitor video footage, without losing focus. Any suspicious activity is immediately reported to the superior security officer on the cruise ship.
  • Conducting Security Patrols: Cruise ships are large vessels, with multiple levels and sections. While CCTV cameras cover most of these sections, physical security patrols are essential as well. Even the best quality CCTV cameras don’t pick up all the details. Plus, the size of the screens on which the CCTV footage is viewed aren’t particularly big either. Hence, the DMAC security team will conduct security patrols around the ship at periodic intervals and ensure that everything’s in order. Any issues or potential risks spotted by them is immediately reported and further investigated.
  • Taking Care of Security Investigations: When something suspicious or risky is spotted, either on video or during a patrol, it needs to be investigated to identify the reasons and determine if it’s a legitimate threat or not. Our team can take care of these security investigations. They will report the findings of their investigation to the superior security officer onboard.

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