Dennis O’Connor Named DMAC’s New Director of National Training and Professional Development

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The DMAC Security team would like to congratulate Dennis O’Connor who has served as our Director of Operations for the past two years as he moves into further developing our Training and Consulting Services in the role of Director of National Training and Professional Development.

DMAC Security’s commitment to training and career advancement of our security specialists is one of our proudest and biggest differentiators from others in the industry. This division provides training and orientation for all DMAC security specialists, including:

  • Leadership development courses for supervisors and management
  • Advanced tactical training for armed officers, school resource officers, bank and high value security specialists
  • Personal protection specialist training
  • Consulting services; such as site assessments, threat/vulnerability assessments, security planning, staff training and drills as well as de-escalation training.

Mr. O’Connor’s wealth of expertise in areas such as special weapons and tactics, drug, vice and organized crime and the training of police canines (among others) along with his 25+ year career in law enforcement services makes him the ideal leader for our training and professional development services.

In 1978, Mr. O’Connor served a six year enlistment in the US Army where he was assigned to the Aberdeen and Yuma Proving Grounds. Shortly after, he was reassigned to Germany where he served as protection detail for General James R. Allen, the Deputy Commander and Chief of the Allied Forces in Europe. After having served in the military for 6 years, he returned to his home state of Delaware where he joined the Wilmington Department of Police.

During his tenure with the department, Mr. O’Connor served in various roles across multiple divisions such as: Patrol Division, Mounted Division, Drug, Vice and Organized Crime Division, Office of Special Operations, Special Weapons and Tactics and Community Policing Division. It was also during this time while assigned to the Office of Special Operations and Special Weapons and Tactics, that he first became involved in leadership training by implementing their first Canine Unit — supervising and training police canines for the patrol, drugs, explosives and SWAT units.

A brief overview of Mr. O’Connor’s professional timeline through the years:

  • 7 years Patrol Division
  • 6 years United States Army (25 Years Law Enforcement)
  • 3 Years Mounted Division
  • 5 Years Drug Vice and Organized Crime Unit
  • 10 Years Special Operations Division (Canine, SWAT and Community Policing)
  • 13 years with the Government Training Institute
  • 6 years Tactical and Firearms Instructor for Law Enforcement and the Military
  • 7 years as Director of Training

Other instructor positions and certifications:

  • NRA Shotgun Instructor
  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • State of Maryland Pistol Instructor
  • Instructor in handcuff, baton and chemical spray
  • Certified Police Instructor (teaching advanced SWAT, Basic Swat, Active Shooter, Rescue Task force, Officer Rescue, Officer Survival and Maritime Operations)
  • Certified physical fitness trainer through International Sports Science Association and a certified trainer in body weight training through Institute of Human Performance.

Before retiring from law enforcement in July of 2007 at the rank of Master Sergeant, he had recevied received numerous commendations and letters of appreciation from the department and the community he served. It was shortly after his retirement from law enforcement that he joined the Government Training Institute as a tactical instructor and quickly rose to the position of Director of Training. In 2019 he then decided to step into the Law Enforcement Liaison role and turn the training division director duties over to Scott Usry.

In 2020, Mr. O’Connor joined DMAC as Director of Operations and will now be working side by side with our new director, Sean Brady while he undertakes his new role as Director of National Training and Professional Development.

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