Dignitary Protection

Dignitary Protection: The Modern Approach

Dignitaries are people considered to be important because of their status, high rank, or office. These established individuals are usually from another country and get plenty of respect from both residents in their country and the nation they’re visiting. That’s because a foreign dignitary isn’t only a VIP (Very Important Person), but they’re usually the heads of state, ambassadors, or even royalty. However, besides adoring fans, these executives typically have many enemies, making them a popular target among unlawful individuals and leaving them with a form of executive protection or security known as dignitary protection.

What is Dignitary Protection?

Dignitary protection jobs primarily involve highly-skilled officers’ preventive efforts that allow protected dignitaries to safely and securely do their work while moving freely and staying in close contact with the general public. Contrary to other VIP close protection occupations, dignitary protection is usually temporary assignments. That’s because security detail is only required to protect the dignitary while interacting with foreign protective security officers who come along with these established individuals.

The team that forms an executive dignitary protection operation unit undergoes intensive training to provide the best security for some of the world’s most influential individuals. The team members may include federal reserve law enforcement officers, criminal investigators, special agents, emergency response team officers, a legislative, lateral, or regular police officer, and other law enforcement officers with proper protective training.

Who Provides Dignitary Protection?

Established government organizations in different countries provide dignitary protection services to ensure the safety and security of dignitaries.

For instance, in the United States, the DSS (Diplomatic Security Service) are the ones that provide the appropriate protection to foreign dignitaries that visit the country. The DSS has provided security to several influential individuals, including foreign prime ministers, some of the British royal family, former heads of the state, high-ranking officials of the United Nations, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Organizations such as the United States Secret Services also provide executive protection. They’re in charge of the design of dignitary protection and the close protection of the protected person.

The security service works with a local law enforcement department such as the police, allowing them to be in charge of maintaining the security operations of the whole area. At the same time, they provide the right protective protocols and explain operations to the dignitary while protecting them up-close.

What Does Dignitary Protection Services Include?

These protective services can give clients with everything they need, even sacrificing themselves when the client’s life is on the line. They undergo intensive training that enhances their capability of handling threatening situations. The qualifications and abilities of executive security agents result from years of intensive highly-skilled training, allowing them to learn skills beyond an average armed security guard’s scope.

Services that these agents offer extend well over what standard agents deliver. That’s why government organizations provide them, ensuring a VIP’s safety by providing services such as:

  • Secured transportation
  • Discreet surveillance with the use of state-of-the-art video surveillance systems
  • Physical protection
  • Conduct risk analysis
  • Neutralizing any threat
  • Emergency medical response

Besides the standard services, this type of protection also requires officers to undergo training to educate executives about attacks like phishing, creating a strong case for protection, even if VIPs resist. Dignitary protection training isn’t necessary for other security situations. However, if you’re on the search for the best personal security, this service is your best bet.

Hiring an Executive Security Protection Firm

Although the government is the one that provides this type of service, other executive security companies offer dignitary protection. If you’re trying to get executive protection for an important individual, you may need to search them for several requirements first before hiring one.

That’s because if you want to offer the best executive protection, you’ll need to search and ensure the company has all the right qualifications to avoid any complications. The firm should have all the proper licensing or security permits required for your state, adequate weapons, and the latest technology. Agents should also have received formal executive protection training, have the appropriate diploma and certifications.

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