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One of the best tools for prevention is security awareness training. And with security on everyone’s mind these days — with active shooter incidents on the rise, cybercrime at an all-time high, and security breaches of various kinds occurring daily, it’s a topic garnering much attention. Here are examples and the benefits of security awareness training for your staff.

What is Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training is education that instructs employees, managers, contractors, and executives to monitor for and identify threats to an organization, its people, and assets.
Security awareness training aims to protect the company from financial loss or damage. Businesses of all sizes benefit from security awareness training.

Why Use Security Awareness Training?

The use of security awareness training can greatly reduce a company’s risk from outside threats. Security awareness training can help identify threats early and mitigate risks to the business. It also helps to bond employees to the company helping them understand that they have a role to play in the security of the organization.

Most of the data breaches and cybersecurity incidents were a result of human error. Educating employees on what to watch out for can drastically reduce the risk and prevent the loss of valuable corporate data or physical assets.

Think of security awareness training as a local neighborhood watch group. When you have more people looking out for danger, you are more well protected. A well-trained staff enhances your security program by a substantial margin.

Examples of Security Awareness

One obvious example of security awareness is teaching employees to watch out for phishing emails and not to click dangerous links that could infect their computers or the network with malware/ransomware. In addition, cybersecurity awareness training can prevent fraud, data breaches, account takeovers, and other types of egress.

Another example would be training entrance staff to look for signs of dangerous activity and perhaps noting something in the way a person behaves and alerting security. If a potential threat walks through the door, just noticing red flags could mean the difference between a security incident and a safe resolution.

Other Benefits of Security Awareness Training

There are endless benefits of training your entire staff on security awareness. Identifying dangerous individuals and responding quickly to a situation are some side benefits. Others include:

  • Overall risk assessment and revisions to your security plan
  • Better overall network security
  • Tighter physical security
  • Morale boost for employees who feel safer
  • Empowerment of your entire workforce
  • Updated procedures and processes that include security awareness and response
  • Potentially avoiding catastrophic incidents like active shooters, cyberattacks, data breaches, etc.

Learn More About Security Awareness Training

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