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Off-Duty Police Officer Services

Have you ever wondered how it would be to hire an off-duty police officer for your peace of mind and safety? At DMAC security, we are pleased to announce that it is possible to do so with us. We can connect with off-duty police officers and hire them in your area.

Who better than to hire a police officer who has the right temperament and experience to offer you that peace of mind and sense of security? No matter how unique your security situation is, we will match an experienced police officer to meet your needs. You don’t have to think too much to hire an off-duty police officer anymore, give us a call now!

How Does it Work?

To provide a hassle-free service, we have partnered with local police agencies and provide the schedules for real trained police officers. This is not a new concept and law enforcement officers have been doing assignments off-duty for a long time. But earlier, it presented issues for both the off-duty officer and the company that hired them. We, at DMAC Security, have now made the process simple, and have a systematic approach to this system, making it possible to hire off-duty police officers while protecting their best interests and the law enforcement agencies that employ them.

The presence of a uniformed police officer can stop crimes even before they take place. This is true if you are planning a private event at home or looking to bolster your office security. Hiring an off-duty police officer sets your mind at ease because they still have the authority to enforce state or local laws and the correct procedure to contact any additional emergency services if required. This makes them the highest level of security possible, exceeding the capabilities of any private security guards.

Placing a call to us will put you in touch with thousands of local and state-armed police officers across several states. All personnel is actively employed by the state, county and local law enforcement and have been fully vetted for officer training, any previous assignments with us, tenure and recommendation.

We provide you only officers that are skilled, certified and active. We will provide you with one contact point, accessible 24 hours a day and send you monthly invoices. We can also outsource your insurance liability. When it comes to private armed security, DMAC Security is a name you can trust.

Our Services

Residential or commercial, we cater to all kinds of properties and a number of clients. Our seasoned law enforcement officers protect the following:

Residential or commercial, we cater to all kinds of properties and a number of clients. Our seasoned law enforcement officers protect the following:

  • Residential: Keep your living environment safe with the presence of an armed police officer. These officers are highly trained in containing any situation and keeping your surroundings safe.
  • Commercial: If you run a hotel or a resort or a small business, the presence of a police officer will deter any criminal activity. Keep your business or guests safe with our highly-qualified police officers.
  • Private Security: Our high-profile clients, who need personal protection anywhere and any time of the day are highly satisfied with our personal protection officers.
  • Crowd Management: It can be very difficult to control crowds as situations can get out of hand quickly, creating a highly-volatile environment. But our police officers are trained to tackle any situation in the correct manner.
  • Traffic: With years of experience behind them, our trained officers will make sure that you and other commuters are secure and safe on the road.
  • Events: If you have prominent police protection on your premises, all attendees and participants feel safe and it also keeps any criminal activity at bay.

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Are you looking to hire off-duty police officers in your area? Give us a call on (301) 579-4129 and we will get back to you and provide you with all the security services you may require.

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