How Much Does a Bodyguard Cost?

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While it is a popular misconception that hiring a bodyguard is a special privilege that is restricted only for the rich and famous. In reality, today, various people from different backgrounds and means are hiring bodyguards for personal protection as they are faced with different and new threats and challenges from all types of situations.

Whether you are an elected official, the CEO of a company, are involved in a legal case that is highly controversial, are vulnerable to kidnapping or terrorism threats or are in possession of some highly classified information, there is a great possibility of being at risk and it is a good idea to hire personal protection.

The term “bodyguard” is usually what we encounter in movies, television or books; however, a bodyguard is also referred to as “personal security”, “security specialist” and “executive protection” and despite whatever the name given, the role is more or less the same. A bodyguard is a person who is trained keep protect you and your family.

There are varied types of bodyguards you can hire for different situations and needs. Some people may simply require a single bodyguard to accompany them to a special occasion or event, while others may require a team of trained security specialists to be with them 24×7. Other people such as celebrities, high-level executives and elected officials may need protection when traveling abroad. And, there may be bodyguards required for the protection of several people at posh places like casinos and high-end hotels, restaurants, etc.

So, how much does a bodyguard cost? The common idea is that hiring a bodyguard can be quite expensive and is only for the elite and celebrities. However, you would be surprised to know that today, there are security firms that provide personal protection at very affordable prices, even starting at $25 per hour.

How Much Does a Bodyguard Cost?

Today, you can hire anything at all, right from a personal bodyguard, to armed drivers to mercenaries, you have security personnel for every situation and budget.

Event Security

Event security consists of regular guards who monitor events and take care of things like patrolling the area, screening the visitors attending the event, etc. Event security personnel handle violent behavior of guests, disputes regarding guest lists and other minor disturbances. Event security guards are trained in basic security and carry a license. Usually, event security guards are available at prices starting from $45 per hour.

Unarmed Driver

Unarmed drivers usually have a background in the police services and are great drivers who know their way around town. However, the job of an unarmed driver is just until you reach your destination. And, if you want to have a scout ahead of you or you want to be escorted to the door, then you will have to hire another bodyguard. The cost to hire an unarmed driver is around $350 per day and you could either use your own vehicle or you can rent an SUV which will set you back by another $90 per hour.

Armed Driver

You can hire an armed driver if you feel that your life is under threat. As per the law, armed security personnel cannot carry anything bigger than a 9mm handgun, which is usually tucked away in a holster under their uniform or suit jacket. The armed guard can draw the weapon only if your or their life is in danger. You can hire an armed driver for around $500 per day.

Unarmed Personal Security

Usually, unarmed security agents are ex-military, police officers or FBI agents. They analyze your security risks and plan your day very meticulously. An armed security guard can cost around $500 a day.

Armed Personal Security Agent

You will easily fork out around $750 a day to hire an armed security agent and price can go up to $1,000 a day for international jobs. You must also bear all the travel and accommodation expenses of the security agent. Typically, you would need 2 agents in the case of an international job. One agent will do a recce of the locations and the employees at the destination 1 or 2 days before you travel and the other security agent will accompany you on your journey.

Full-Time Bodyguard

If you live under threat constantly and need surveillance 24×7, then you can hire live-in bodyguards to protect you and your family by securing your home, sweeping vehicles, scouting buildings, screening your staff and employees, etc.

Usually, 24-hour surveillance is split into 8-hour shifts and are usually shared by 3 security guards. So, how much does a bodyguard cost to protect you full time? Well, you could be paying around $1,000 to $1,500 a day for full-time security personnel.

Top-Level Security Detail

These elite security agents are usually reserved for royalty, celebrities, politicians, top businessmen, media barons, etc. Usually, these elite agents are ex-Secret Service agents and go through rigorous training and also attend refresher courses regularly. Typically, a top-level security detail comprises of around 10 members in a team and you could be paying around $100 to $150 per person an hour.

Own Mercenary

If you need cut-throat security to protect you in disaster zones, then you can hire your own mercenary at around $1,200 per day. Attired in flak jackets and goggles and armed with M16s, these mercenaries are combat soldiers who are trained in specialized camps and are suitable for war zones and combat situations.

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