How to Tell If You Need a Security Guard for Your Business

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Small businesses aren’t exempt from crime. Any business can be a victim, but prime targets often include convenience stores, banks, and retail outlets. Employing the services of a reputable, professional security guard can go a long way toward preventing the loss of property and help ensure the safety of your customers.
Here are a few ways to tell if your business needs a security guard.

You’re Concerned About Safety in the Parking Lot

A good security guard patrol will generally include the parking lot or other parking structure. This is especially vital if customers have ever expressed feeling unsafe while walking to their cars. Unattended parking lots can quickly become breeding grounds for theft, muggings, and vandalism, so it’s best to hire a security guard to patrol the area.

Your Business or Warehouse is Located in a High Crime Area

Some businesses will require a security guard right from the start due to their location. This also includes the location of the warehouse or storage facility. If the warehouse is located in a rural area, for example, the chance for break-ins increases.

You’re Experiencing Retail Theft

Most retail settings will benefit from the presence of a licensed security guard. An effective security guard patrol will help limit instances of theft and prevent loss of profit.

You Have Concerns Over Record Keeping

One task commonly assigned to security guards is keeping a record of day-to-day activities in the area. Because the guard works for the security company and not directly for your business, they can be objective when asked about specific happenings.
Security companies offer many different services to fit the needs of your business. The largest concentration of security officers, more than 680,000, work in investigation and security services in multiple industries. A quality company should be able to tailor their services based on your security concerns to help make sure your business and customers are kept safe each day.
Security guard patrol can drastically reduce or eliminate many of the common safety and security complaints businesses face. It’s well worth the investment to hire a licensed, professional guard to keep an eye on your business.

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