Our K9 compliance solution

DMACs’ trained canines serve not only as a psychological deterrent to criminal behavior, but much more. K9s’ have a unique ability to canvas large areas and facilities in a relatively brief period, and provide an added layer of protection for our clients and their sites.

K9s’ are given special training in areas such as Drug and Bomb sniffing, Personal Protection, and School Campus Intruder awareness.

Their quick speed and keen sense of smell, in collaboration with specialty training, allows us to provide a truly full-service security approach to safety.


Our dog teams provide a prompt and specialised response to bomb threats and other dangerous items that may present a threat to clients’ assets and lives. Unlike traditional guard dogs, K9 dogs are gentle, intelligent and non-threatening in nature.

Our Standards

Our QA/QC programme ensures that the DMAC Security teams continue to maintain the highest standards throughout the course of a contract. This includes monthly training reports, quarterly field assessments by a supervisor, after action/incident report documentation and 12-month re-certification. Training is conducted with the EDDs on a daily basis which is recorded and submitted monthly to management.
What Our K9 Security Teams Do

In Maryland, K9 security teams are often called upon to:

DMAC Security K9 are capable of being deployed into adverse conditions and are trained to perform the following operational tasks:

  • Entry control points
  • Building sweeps
  • Open area/road sweeps
  • Vehicle, ship and aircraft sweeps
  • Battlefield clearance
  • Package search
  • Airport sweeps

The areas that our teams work in includes:

  • Explosive detection
  • Narcotic detection
  • Search & rescue
  • Patrol/tracking (K9 Protection)