Why Sometimes Unarmed Security Is The Best Option

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When you own or manage a residential building, warehouse, factory, or small business, you want to protect those assets. Some business owners and property managers install security cameras, or alarm systems. Others view armed or unarmed security guards as the best option for protecting their locations. Most prefer unarmed officers instead of armed.
In this brief article, we will discuss the many benefits that unarmed security services can bring to a business, workspace, or event. Some people have the opinion that unarmed security is less effective than armed guards. This is a fallacy that will be explained away through evidence and reason. Once you see the benefit of having a security guard patrol that doesn’t need an arsenal, it will make sense why unarmed security guards are a popular choice.

Visible Presence Is The Best Deterrent

In a similar vein to keeping your lights on a timer when you go on vacation, having patrol security services around a building is an excellent deterrent. Unless you are dealing with incredibly intelligent criminals who have planned a major heist or sizeable drug activity, the visible presence of security prevents crime. Visible security is an effective crime deterrent with or without firearms.

Reduced Liability

By employing unarmed security companies, you will reduce your exposure to liability. Professional security companies have insurance to protect their clients from law suits. However, the presence of insurance does not eliminate the negative impact that can be felt when an officer has to use lethal force. the potential use of lethal force is always a concern. Even in cases, where the security officer was justified, dealing with the effects of the lethal use of force can be daunting. Unarmed security officers can use non-lethal weaponry to neutralize suspects without risking serious injury or loss of life.

Outsource Force To The Police

When you opt for using unarmed security guards as a deterrent, you effectively outsource the heavy lifting to municipal police forces. Not only does this shift legal liability away from you if something treacherous should happen, but government police forces tend to be better equipped, strategized, and able to call for backups should they need them. They can also conduct arrests and round up criminals on the spot, saving you the time and expense of detaining individuals until they arrive. Calling the police is a last resort, but it is a fine last resort to have should you require it.

Unarmed Does Not Mean Unskilled

Just because you are employing unarmed security guards for your property doesn’t mean that these guards are unskilled. Large populations of the private security industry recruit from the military, martial arts, and outdoor communities. They are skilled in how to track, subdue, and dominate people without injuring them beyond repair. These individuals often have skills that they can use to pursue or subdue criminals, all without using lethal force or causing excessive bodily harm.

Presence Is Protection

At the end of the day, unarmed security companies provide a similar service to regular bodyguards or privatized security firms. They deter criminals, patrol the perimeter of property, and are a presence for good in a place of value or commerce. They do all of this while not being armed with lethal weapons, therefore reducing the legal liability for your business or event and completely eliminating moral culpability for an accidental death or assault on your property.
By employing trained unarmed security companies, you will get great results without a lot of the hassle associated with armed security guards. You’ll be able to outsource actual danger/theft to legitimate police forces while never having to pay for weapons upkeep or ammunition. By simply having a security presence at your place of business or event, you will deter would-be criminals who are looking for an easy target.

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