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Professional Bodyguard Services

Personal security personnel or bodyguards offer up-close protection for people and facilities. These individuals usually provide professional security services that deal with robbery, theft, trespassing, or threats to their clients. It’s worth noting that private guards aren’t agents nor officers of the state and don’t have the same authority to arrest or detain criminals as police officers. However, they do have the right to temporarily detain someone in the area they’re patrolling until official law enforcement arrives to investigate.

Whether you’re traveling throughout different countries for leisure, business, or want protection, having personal security can provide you with a safe, secure, and more comfortable experience.

Responsibilities of Personal Security Agents

People can hire private security guards or bodyguards to keep away individuals who don’t have an appointment or relationship with them, keeping them safe by providing executive protection and ensuring their safety and security.

However, besides providing private security or personal protection, bodyguards cast different responsibilities, including:

  • Bodyguards patrol an area to ensure it’s safe by conducting surveillance or watch closed-circuit TV monitors (CCTVs).
  • Any time criminal activities happen, or a threat is imminent, these private security professionals may contact local law enforcement in their area for help.
  • Besides patrolling areas, bodyguarding also includes making rounds around the facility to double-check doors and other building access points.
  • Private bodyguards can deny entry to unauthorized individuals and provide access to authorized ones.
  • A bodyguard can question and detain unlawful individuals that enter the property they’re patrolling without authorization.
  • Personal security bodyguards escort individuals to and from specific locations and monitory activities from a stationary position, keeping their clients safe.

The danger is imminent in this field of occupation, and personal security personnel should always be alert to keep their clients and the facilities they’re patrolling safe.

Personal Security Guard Options

This form of protection services is the most common, consisting of private security personnel employed contractually by a private security company. Clients can hire from the security company, which usually offers different types of personal protection services the client may need.

There are several types of personal security personnel that a security company may provide. However, these are the most common private security services that these firms offer:

Armed Security Guard Services

Armed guards are the ones that carry firearms or other weapons. They’re usually hired for executive protection, dealing with high threat situations such as escorting controversial politicians or any violent scenario. These professionals are typically ex-military or off-duty law enforcement officers that want to offer their services outside of work. Their long experience in handling weapons, dealing with violent conflicts, and other advanced skills make these security personnel excellent contenders for armed security.

A personal armed guard’s requirements are the most stringent since they need to have completed state-mandated firearms or weapons certification and additional security training. An armed officer is often employed across various industries since their security services are versatile, benefiting construction sites, concerts, conferences, etc.

Unarmed Security Services

Unarmed guards are the standard of personal security, and though they don’t have weapons, that doesn’t make them less valuable than an armed officer. These individuals are the perfect choice for individuals looking to deter criminals lurking around their businesses or homes. This type of personal protection service is ideal for surveillance, entry control, patrolling, and police enforcement.

Off-Duty Police Security Services

Officers looking to earn more money outside their jobs usually offer their exclusive personal security services. Most of them get commissioned to maintain security and traffic flow during local events like festivals or parades. These authoritative figures’ presence helps increase security in public areas, including movie theaters, retail centers, schools, churches, parks, stadiums, and residences. Off-duty officers are trained in local law and are allowed to operate within the scope of their police authority, which is usually within their local jurisdictions.

Executive Personal Protection Security Services

Personal security officers offer dignitary or executive protection to influential individuals. These personal security agents usually get assigned to protect one person and undergo intensive training, providing the public with some of the most highly skilled and well-armed personal guards. Their job is to physically protect high-profile or high-risk individuals such as celebrities, CEOs, and politicians.

Event Security Services

In most events, especially those held publicly, you can expect to get uninvited people invading the event, forcing their way in and having ill intentions. Having event security services give organizers the peace of mind they need to ensure they’re providing optimal guest experience without compromising the attendees’ safety or expensive assets.

Benefits of Hiring Personal Security Guards

The security services industry is more than providing burly individuals to ensure protection. They provide clients with much-needed peace of mind. Personal security agents can make your life safer, secure, and more comfortable.

Besides providing the ultimate peace of mind, here are some benefits when hiring a bodyguard for your business establishment, event, or personal security services.

Keeps Property Under Surveillance

Although technology has made surveying premises easier, with digital, wireless cameras, pin pads, and other monitoring systems taking over, these are susceptible to manipulations or malfunctions. Having a personal guard around your establishment ensures that every nook and cranny gets adequately monitored by providing efficient preventive surveillance.

Sense of Security

Having professional security services around can always provide you with that much-needed peace of mind, especially if you run multiple companies or businesses. A personal guard offers individuals a better sense of security since they undergo in-depth training and are experts in their field.

Manage the Crowd

Personal guards usually are the ones that outline your event’s or establishment’s entry and exit points. They can manage attendees or clients by screening each individual that wants to enter the premises.

Deter Criminals

It’s an all-around industry staple. Just having a personal guard patrolling your retail store or local business can drastically reduce crime rates and prevent unlawful individuals from harming your employees or customers. They can also provide family protection.

Deal With Security Issues Fast

Having skilled and accomplished backgrounds, a personal guard usually serves as first responders during emergencies. Since personal security is already on-site, they can enact swift security services during a crisis, allowing them to de-escalate situations with ease. They can protect assets and people immediately.

Maintain Order

The most crucial benefit that a personal guard provides an individual is the maintaining order, whether in the office space or your store. Having these authoritative figures around can provide secure safe environments for everyone while having a proper organization.

How Much Does Personal Security Agents Cost?

Whether you’re hiring a bodyguard or any other personal security agent, the average cost for hiring these professionals ranges from $20 to $30 per hour to address basic security needs. However, if you’re hiring them for a one-day private event or a job that requires them to be with you 24/7, the rates can reach up to $150 per hour.

Factors That Affect the Costs of Hiring Personal Security Personnel

Various protection jobs will have different rates, so before you hire an agent, ensure you explain to the security company what you’re looking for when you’re searching for quotes.

Although the fees vary, here are some of the most common factors that affect the costs.

  • Threat Level: Risks can range from emotionally touchy situations such as a nasty divorce or family conflicts to more severe scenarios that involve violence.
  • Armed or Unarmed: Usually, armed personnel cost more than unarmed agents since they’re more in demand, handle firearms, and get thrown in life-threatening situations. Whereas unarmed security only serves as deterrence or patroller.
  • Number of Officers: If you need to hire more than one officer, you can expect your total expenses to go up.
  • Training and Experience: The extent of training and experience of officers can also affect costs. For instance, ex-military personnel and off-duty police officers tend to be more expensive because of their background, knowledge, and advanced skills. In contrast, young and inexperienced security agents are cheaper.
  • Duration: Your total costs will also depend on how long you’ll be needing protection. If you’re looking for ongoing protection, you can expect to pay more for contractual agreements.
  • Time of Day: The time you need the security services can also affect the totals costs, with day-time duties costing less than overnight patrols.
  • Location: The area you plan on having the guard with you can also affect costs.

Should I hire a Personal Guard?

The public perception that personal security agents or bodyguards are only for famous, wealthy, and influential individuals. However, this is no longer the case because of the increase in demand for these professionals, resulting in more affordable rates and increased personal protection availability, making it accessible than ever. That’s why if you think you’re in trouble or you know someone that could be, hiring a personal guard is a great choice to ensure safety, comfort and meet your specific security needs.

If you’re looking for optimal security services to add more protection and safety to your life, you can call us for more information. Get the protection you deserve and live securely.

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