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Security means the safety of your loved ones, yourself, and the people in your home, business and all your properties. Security services include all possible measures to keep everything safe and protected.

The security guards make sure all the residents in the community are safe in South Carolina. Their presence gives comfort, safety, and a feeling of security to the residents. At the same time, the visible presence of security officers in gated communities and a commercial building prevents criminals from pursuing their ill motives.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about 73.2% of all burglary offenses happen in residential properties. So it is vital for gated communities and residential areas in South Carolina to get security guard services to prevent perpetrators from coming in.

Purpose of Security Guards for Residential and Business in South Carolina

In South Carolina, the purpose of security services whether armed or unarmed security guard is to keep you and your family safe. They are also responsible in protecting your company and properties from thefts, burglaries, and other crimes. There are three classifications of security controls: management security, operational security, and physical security controls.

These days, break-in, theft, and robbery are rising. As a homeowner and a business owner, to guarantee you are protected and safe is through hiring a highly trained security team from a reliable security company. Here are a few things you can benefit from having someone or a team of security officers look over your protection.

1. Peace of mind.

Break-ins and home intrusion are rising. Having peace of mind during this time will help you enjoy the moment with your family, and you got to enjoy the things you have worked hard for without worries.

2. Deterring crimes.

The visibility of security guard in your residence area or your commercial building can make the criminals back off or make a second thought of doing the crime.

3. Monitoring.

Although CCTVs are available, they don’t work in deterring crimes. Anti-intrusion systems can also help monitor but cannot prevent thieves from coming in and out of gated communities with stolen valuables of residences. While having security guard services, they can ensure your protection through these tasks:

  • Patrol the entire residential area or building while securing all entry and exit points.
  • Monitor and impose visitor’s access systems.
  • Monitor hints of security vulnerabilities and provide suggestions to the company owner or homeowners association.
  • Strict surveillance and patrol for 24 hours of the entire neighborhood and company building or premises, looking for any suspicious vehicles or individuals
4. Emergency first responders.

Besides keeping the entire neighborhood peaceful and secure, trained security guards play a significant role in emergencies. Their training and experience made them alert and think efficiently in responding to emergencies as first law enforcement. They also know what specific institutions to call for a particular type of emergency.

Security Service in South Carolina

Criminal strikes anytime, mostly at times that you don’t expect. You must be prepared all the time. Whether you are a resident of a close-knit community or a business owner, deciding on the security and safety of your family, business, employees, and properties must be a priority. Before getting a security guard service in your area, it is also important that you understand the role of security guards so you know what you should look for.

Security Management

Identifying the companies’ asset or the community property is part of the security officers’ role, including people, buildings, machines, information asset and property, and network of systems. Security management is essential in risk and threat assessment, risk analysis to identify any threats, information classification, asset categorization, and rate the vulnerabilities of their clients’ current system to be able to employ new effective and efficient security controls.

Loss Prevention

Identification and classification of existing assets. To determine which of their clients’ property are critical in order to implement proper security measures for protection.

Management of Security Risks
  • Identify threats and possible causes of risks in the area.
  • Assess effective and efficient existing service controls to prevent and minimize threats
  • Determine the consequences of risks.
  • Rate the likelihood and impact of the risk to identify priority.
  • Classify the type of risks to be able to choose the appropriate service protection options and responses.
  • Avoid risks as the top priority when it comes to security. It is best to eliminate any possible opportunities for criminals.

It may seem a simple job, but it will help profile and identify the individuals who enter and exit the community or the business premises. By implementing these procedures, it will be easier to identify the culprit in case any crime happens.

Security Officer Requirements in South Carolina

South Carolina security officers are certified by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA). Security officers can be deployed for security agency, or they can provide security services directly to an employer. They can be armed or unarmed security guard. To be license eligible professional security, candidates must meet the health and background screening requirements. They must have completed the mandatory professional training and passed the examination.


Every residential community or commercial business in South Carolina has different security needs. Considering this matter, it is important that you have proper communication with your security guard service. Let them survey your area so they can identify your specific security needs. But note that, no matter what your security needs are, security companies are serving to provide security solutions that are tailored to best fit your needs

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