Security Patrol Company

Security Patrol Company

DMAC Security is the best among security patrol companies and we have been in the security business providing law enforcement and management for over 30 years. We provide comprehensive patrol services and if you feel that our on-site security guards are not sufficient for your security requirements, then you can consider our patrol services. You can use our patrol service as a standalone service or combine it along with our other security guard services.

DMAC Security can customize the patrol security program according to your requirements, which can include some or all of the following:

  • Patrolling by vehicle, bicycle or foot
  • Perimeter checks
  • Building checks
  • Timed check-in points
  • On-call response
  • Observation and reporting
  • Door lock and unlock services
  • Incident response
  • Loitering compliance
  • Paperless reporting with GPS-tracked scan points

Typically, the quality and effectiveness of security patrol companies are associated with their ability to provide proper patrolling and ensure a safe environment for their customers, their properties and people.

What We Can Do for You

Several businesses are of the belief that they do not need security staff for their protection. Often, such companies find that patrolling services offered by security patrol companies such as DMAC Security are a beneficial and affordable way by which their businesses and people can be protected. Some of the patrolling services provided by DMAC Security are:

Exterior Patrolling

DMAC Security provides external patrolling, which helps to safeguard the external perimeter of your residence or commercial property. The external security patrol keeps a watch on all the areas surrounding your premises like car parks, windows, doors, etc.

Uniformed Officer Protection

Just the presence of uniformed guards on your property can be a great deterrent to criminals and can reduce the risk of vandalism, theft, etc. and also increase the safety of the people on the premises.

Alarm Monitoring and Response

We also provide alarm monitoring and active response, which ensures that if an alarm goes off, a security guard will be dispatched immediately to the particular location.

Preventing Problems

Whether our security guards are patrolling your property in vehicles, on foot or on bicycles, they are trained to notice any problems and prevent them before they occur.

Providing Detailed Documentation

It is extremely important to keep track of the performance of your security patrol officers and so we provide detailed documentation of each patrol, which includes written reports, activity logs and incident reports in the event that there is some unusual activity or a problem.

Providing Affordable Services

Employing security patrol services can be cheaper and more cost effective compared to hiring dedicated security guards to be located on your premises. Also, the effectiveness of the security patrol can be maximized if you place signs on your property stating that the property is patrolled and monitored. Patrolling services are more visible and by using patrol security for your property, you can use a fewer number of security guards, especially during the off-hours and this can help to reduce the security costs.

DMAC Security Patrol Protects You in Many Ways

The 24×7 patrolling security services offered by DMAC Security can protect you in several ways:

  • Preventing vandalism, theft, trespassing, etc.
  • Protecting you and providing a safe home or work environment.
  • Detecting fires and handling other types of emergencies.
  • Providing rapid response and helping you handle emergency situations.
  • Alerting you to situations such as water leaks, power outages, pipe bursts, etc.
  • Notifying the law enforcement, fire and other emergency services in event of any disaster

We have been in the business of providing security solutions to our customers – both businesses and individuals for over 30 years. At DMAC Security, we can prevent any type of security issue from occurring and if they do occur, we can handle them efficiently and quickly for you. Our patrol security officers are alert and can spot anything suspicious or unusual.

DMAC Security employs patrol security guards who are handpicked and undergo thorough background verification checks. Our security personnel go through rigorous training on a continuous basis. Each security guard is selected on the basis of their skills, personality and temperament and we assign patrol security guards who are the right fit for you and your business. DMAC Security is always striving to ensure that you are completely satisfied and our services are comprehensive, reliable and seamless.

At DMAC Security, we pride ourselves in being customer focused, reliable, dedicated, stringent, responsive and professional. So, if you’re looking for security patrol services for your business or your home, contact us today and schedule a free consultation and quote.

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