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30 Years of Being one of the Leading Security Guard Companies in Baltimore

Getting the right security for your business or residential community is important. The best way to do that is to select a Baltimore security team that is committed to what you care about. At DMAC Security, our team of professional security officers and fire watch patrol officers are here to help. We are one of the leading security guard companies in baltimore.

Why Choose DMAC Security?

We have a 30 year history of taking security seriously. We’ve seen what can happen when businesses or communities are not protected. We are committed to making sure that never happens to our clients.

There’s only so much a business owner or property manager can do on your own. That’s why we provide industry-leading security services in Baltimore. We customize our service to fit the security service needs of your location. You get a tailored solution for your location.


Unarmed Security Guards in Baltimore

We recently had a client near Johns Hopkins tell us how our unarmed security guard potentially saved their company. Unarmed security officers are the most effective crime deterrent.

Unarmed security guard are especially useful to prevent property crime and general misconduct. There’s something psychological about seeing a uniformed guard patrolling an area. Potential criminals avoid doing crime in areas that are being protected which in turn keeps your location safe.

Our unarmed security guards can either patrol your campus or remained stationed at critical areas. They will restrict access in and out of buildings and quickly respond to any event.


Armed Security Guards in Baltimore

Locations with risk of ongoing criminal activity or risks of violent crime require armed security protection. Our armed guards are ready, willing and able to protect your location.

We provide guards with the right experience, training and certifications to keep your operation safe. If things escalate, they have the correct skills to respond in the appropriate manner regardless of the threat level.


Baltimore Fire Watch Services

Fire watch security from DMAC Security will patrol your site and be on the lookout for signs of fire. If the fire marshal required it, your fire alarm system will be down, or local jurisdiction requires it – our fire watch team is here to help.

They will go through routine checks and fill out a patrol log with all of their observations. We adhere to the fire watch requirements set by the fire marshal. Visit our fire watch page to learn more.


Baltimore Mobile Security Patrols

Our mobile security patrols use a combination of vehicles and foot patrol to keep your site secure. Our guards will follow a predetermined route at regular intervals to scan your operation. If there is anything that raises concern, they will intervene and call local authorities for additional help.

This can help keep sensitive areas of your operation secure. It also keeps vandals and criminals away from your business.

Our security officers will use vehicles with flashing lights and wear official uniforms to discourage potential criminals.

Click here to learn more our mobile security patrols.


Concierge Security

Concierge security at DMAC security is built around your operation. Our officers can monitor CCTV, check in visitors, enforce different access control rules, and respond to any emergencies.

They are often the first face seen by the public, so we take a lot of pride in providing the best officer for this role.


Event Security

When you’re having an event, you need to account for anything that can go wrong. For many, that means a professional event security team from DMAC Security.

A security risk can ruin your event and put people in danger. Protect yourself and your guests with a professional from DMAC Security.


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