DMAC Security’s experienced team offers a complete suite of services, including uniformed security services (armed and unarmed), technology, consulting, and ancillary security services.

Uniformed Security Services

DMAC Security offers both armed and unarmed licensed officers who have general state and site-specific training from DMAC’s inhouse training department. Our officers bring significant customer service skills to their posts as well as custom-delivered training and a diverse range of officer uniforms to meet the specific needs of our clients. The value-added training ranges from CPR-First Aid and OC/pepper spray to non-violent critical intervention and active shooter.  

A detailed look at our security services across seven key verticals is described on our Industries page.



As budget cuts affect the security and law enforcement community, DMAC Security can help organizations integrate officer coverage with the right mix of technology to deliver proactive and cost-effective crime deterrence.

DMAC combines skilled personnel with the right mix of technology to deliver customized, cost-effective security solutions, with a complement of powerful night-vision-equipped cameras, flashing lights and speakers that work together to deter criminals because it conveys an active “omnipresent” security environment.

Nationwide Footprint

DMAC’s 24/7 security mobile surveillance units are solar powered, with 4G/5G high-speed connectivity.  They are a simple, “deploy and play” solution. Today, DMAC offers flexible options for monitoring with its in-house Security Operations Center or through third-party SOCs. DMAC today is monitoring over 15,000 cameras nationwide.

DMAC combines skilled personnel with the right mix of technology to deliver customized, cost-effective security solutions, with a complement of powerful night-vision-equipped cameras, flashing lights and speakers that work together to deter criminals because it conveys an active “omnipresent” security environment.

AI-enabled Analytics

Clients benefit from our powerful AI analytical platform that filters out unimportant sensory detail such as a fence or animal movement so operators can focus on the cameras with live activity. Our systems are night-vision- equipped with built-in facial and vehicle recognition, including License Plate Reading (LPR).

Interoperable and Smartphone-friendly

The DMAC platform also can be integrated with a client’s existing cameras, to provide cost-effective, powerful situational awareness.

In addition, DMAC’s remote cameras feed directly into an officer’s cell phone or tablet, ensuring full site coverage on the move.

Integrating School Tech 

Securing our nation’s schools remains a critical priority, which has prompted multiple federal programs to help fund new surveillance and tech to improve security on school grounds. In fact, security funding to schools surpassed $3.1 billion in 2021, according to EdWeek Market Brief, citing market research firm Omdia.

DMAC Security has acted as technology security consultants to assess schools’ current security technology that is often disparate, acquired over multiple years. DMAC’s tech team can integrate multiple technology components, fill in gaps where they exist and deploy a security platform that delivers value.

“Technology can serve as a great force multiplier – eliminating the need for officers or augmenting their presence.”
David Weingot, DMAC Security Founder and CEO


Often companies or facilities don’t know what security offering they need, or they recognize that their current program isn’t doing the job after an incident. DMAC Security consultants take time to understand our client’s concerns and unique operating environment. Our team brings extensive law enforcement, commercial security and military service experience to every security-consulting project.

We can perform a vulnerability assessment, and then customize a plan and provide expert implementation. We can enhance or rebuild your security program, including training employees and staff. 

Consulting Services

Serving Special Needs of Schools, Religious Institutions and Healthcare Settings

DMAC has specialized capabilities serving educational and religious organizations, including Jewish and Muslim private schools, and nursing and other healthcare settings.  A key value-add DMAC offers to 24×7 nursing facilities is seamlessly converting the front desk receptionist to an officer role, which allows the facilities to market themselves as a location offering overnight security.

“We take time to understand our client’s operations, their concerns and inform them of their actual risks through a vulnerability assessment.  It’s important to prioritize what their most important security concerns are on the path to creating a security program that will work for their unique environment.”
David Weingot, CEO

Ancillary Services

DMAC Security also provides ancillary security coverage, whether it’s a wedding, a golf tournament or other sports event, a music concert or a short-term construction site, or executive protection. 

Regardless of the immediacy and need, DMAC Temporary Services deliver onsite, remote and technology solutions designed to meet this market’s fast timelines, tight budgets and varied coverage needs.

Event Security 

Security is essential at concerts and other live events for crowd control, diffusing volatile situations and manning entrance and exit points. DMAC Security ensures its live event officers are properly trained to handle large crowds, with the ability to identify and neutralize potential threats to maximize guest safety and a well-run event.

Construction Site Security

Construction site theft costs residential and commercial projects $300 million and $1 billion every year, according to 2021 estimates by the National Equipment Register. DMAC officers have extensive experience guarding worksites, knowing that construction site security is critical to preventing costly production delays. Our team knows the risks and the need for 24/7 vigilance, and they focus on every detail from keeping the site well lit, to prioritizing access control, protecting the perimeter, and deploying monitoring technology.

Firewatch Security

To be compliant with insurance, corporate buildings must have officers to perform firewatch services as a backup to smoke and fire-detection systems. DMAC Security’s officers are trained to observe and detect critical fire-safety issues while a building’s fire detection systems are offline for servicing.

-Executive Protection

DMAC Security works with high-net-worth and high-profile individuals who face an elevated level of security risk, from celebrities and C-level executives to diplomats and politicians. DMAC executive protection teams bring significant special forces and law enforcement training combined with people and technology skills. Their 24/7 security services include planning, location scouting, armed escort and transportation services.

“We treat our temporary customers the same as a permanent customer – they get the same level of service. We’re available 24/7. The project may be shorter, but they get the same value and the same access to our resources and technology.”
Logan Rees, CPP, Southeast Regional Director