5 Skills Needed To Become A Security Guard

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All security guard jobs are not created equally. The role of a security guard varies on a number of factors such as the nature of a client’s business, whether they are armed or unarmed, and the location of a job. That being said, working in this field requires a high level of accountability, and all security guards do possess a certain skill set.

Here, we cover the 5 skills that every security guard needs to go into a security career.

1. Alertness and Vigilance

Alertness and possessing strong attention to detail are key to being a successful security guard. This involves being vigilant and identifying weak spots ahead of time, while also being able to quickly recognize and handle threats as they play out in real time. Whether it be catching someone that’s trying to sneak into an event, or stopping a thief from stealing merchandise, it takes a hawk’s eye to prevent danger.

2. Physical Prowess

Physical fitness, strong reflexes, and having the wherewithal to disarm a threat is what most businesses are looking for in a security officer. The use of physical force should always be the last resort; however, on the occasions where it is needed, it is imperative that a security guard understands how to wield their power while doing as little damage as possible.

3. Clear Communication

Security guards do not work in a vacuum. They often work in tandem with a business’ internal security team, law enforcement agencies, operations managers, and a team of other watchmen. Therefore, being able to keep the lines of communication clear and open could make or break a guard’s career. Whether it’s quickly relaying information about an active threat to teammates, reporting a situation to law enforcement, or writing a monthly report for your employer, effectively communicating what you have observed is imperative to securing an area.

4. Solid Judgment and Discretion

Not all suspicions are legitimate threats. While a security guard must be vigilant when surveilling an area or patrolling, they must also possess solid judgment skills. Being able to discern the size of a threat and the level of danger in a given situation is crucial. Discretion is one of the most important skills a guard can possess. Otherwise, someone could get seriously hurt for the wrong reasons.

5. Honesty

Last but certainly not least is honesty. Honesty translates to trust, and there is no greater currency than trust in an emergency situation. A security guard must be able to trust their teammates, their boss, their clients, and vice versa. Trustworthiness is the foundation of any strong relationship, and at the end of the day, maintaining relationships is a big part of this business.

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