The Growth of Technology in the Security Industry

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There is no doubt that technology has changed our way of life in many useful and exciting ways. However, technology is also a critical factor in the security industry for both security professionals and attackers.

The Growth of Technology in the Security Industry

The Problem with Technology

Technology enhances how we do many things; however, how it is used by criminals versus the government or private business is different. When new technologies emerge, attackers can use them immediately and begin finding new ways to breach security systems. Private organizations and government agencies often have to wait for specific laws about using the new technology, fund the use and purchase, and then create policies before using it. That delay can cost millions in lost revenue due to breaches and theft.

Technology Growth in the Security Industry

Some of the new technologies that are helping to grow the security industry are as follows:

Mobile Technology

Mobile devices are used for everything from simple phone calls and texts to biometrics to access restricted areas, unlock doors, and even remote access computer systems. Attackers use mobile devices to commit crimes, and therefore security personnel must monitor and protect wireless networks against attacks and access points using mobile technology.


Security teams can use drones to monitor a wider area, breach difficult-to-access spaces, and respond immediately to threats. The flip side is that criminals can use drones to canvas an area to assess the security systems in place for a later attack.

Off-Site Surveillance

Many organizations opt for remote off-site surveillance rather than regular patrols. This requires high-tech wireless cameras and software to allow security personnel to keep a close eye on things from afar.

Renting Security Equipment

Some businesses rent security equipment to keep their businesses safe and costs down. With attacks in the news daily, you cannot put a price on the solid security of your assets. It makes sense when planning a security system to rent equipment and try out different scenarios before committing to a final purchase.

Hybrid Security Solutions

A lot of companies are opting for a hybrid security solution combining high-tech equipment to do a lot of the heavy lifting and human security personnel to pick up the slack. These hybrid systems offer convenience and protection by covering all the bases. You might man entrances and exits with security officers who monitor and assess any threats and use drones and cameras for surveillance to catch any unwanted activities after entry.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is aiding many industries, including security. AI-powered drones can be programmed to react to situations and eliminate threats before security officers show up on the scene. AI can also help predict behavior and use algorithms to monitor for known threats (facial recognition) and warn your security team before the known criminals gain access.
Another factor affecting the security industry is inflation. For example, the cost of construction materials like copper is sky-high right now, causing criminals to target construction sites more often. That means you need extra security to protect the raw materials used for construction jobs. To learn more about how technology is growing the security industry, contact DMAC Security today.

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