Unarmed Security Guards Are Ideal for Deterring Criminal Activity

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Up to 71,000 new positions for security officers are expected to be created from 2016 to 2026. That’s a 6% rate of growth. The presence of unarmed security guards is just enough to deter criminals and ensure safety for people and property. Unarmed security companies have the guards you need to feel secure no matter the situation.

What Type of Situations Are Ideal for Unarmed Security Guards?

If you are hosting a large or medium-sized gathering of people, you may need unarmed security services. A security guard observes surroundings and checks for otherwise dangerous situations. They are armed with the ability to notify the appropriate parties of criminal or suspicious activities. Overall, unarmed security companies can provide you with as many guards as you need to maintain safety.

The Type of Events That Require Security Include:

  • Large Private Gatherings
  • Executive and Private Holiday Parties
  • Special Events
  • Galas
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Fundraisers
  • Town Rallies and Halls
  • Sporting Events

Unarmed Security Guards Have Many Skills

An unarmed security company has plenty of guards available that have all undergone high-quality training. You can rest assured that all unarmed security officers have had rigorous background checks, as well. To work for a reputable security company, officers must have completed state-required security training classes and received a valid security license. All officers of unarmed security companies undergo full orientation along with continuous training.
Unarmed security companies offer different security types, including security patrol services by vehicle, golf cart, bicycle, on foot, and standing. Consider them to be a strong visual deterrent who are always on alert and ready to respond to incidents and alarms. An unarmed security guard may have a range of duties, like responding to emergencies, notifying the proper authorities, unlocking, securing, and locking gates and doors, to name a few.

There Are Many Reasons to Use Unarmed Security Solutions

A good reason to hire guards from unarmed security companies is when you have low-risk security threats. Many businesses face low-security risks and may only require retail loss prevention. Perhaps you are planning a private event and need to control entry access. Entry access is another good reason to hire unarmed guards to keep corporate security settings in check.

You Want to Minimize Any Liability

There are many risks in regards to lethal force. If you are not prepared to deal with any fallout or have small tolerance for liabilities that could occur if lethal force is used, it is best to avoid using armed security guards. There is a time and a place for armed guards. It just may not be the type of security you require.
If an armed security guard isn’t needed, keeping lethal force from an event or gathering can protect you or your business while giving you peace of mind. If a situation arises, unarmed security guards can still call local law enforcement to take care of it. You are still kept safe and sound without compromising a thing.

Every Situation Is Unique

Transition planning is put in place by top unarmed security companies. They understand that every situation is unique and follow a transition planning process that includes site surveys, facility assessments, post orders development, screening and orientation, onsite training, and evaluations. A security plan is put in place for you that is completely tailored to fit your specific security needs.
Don’t compromise your business or an event site. Security guards help prevent crimes while keeping the perimeter secure. Schedule a free consultation to talk about your security needs. Unarmed security companies will identify risks and develop a strategy to eliminate any avoidable threats. You can depend on fully-trained and professional unarmed guards to ensure your safety and become part of your team.

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