What Are the Common Duties of Security Guards?

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Security patrol companies are often contracted when a business has concerns about the safety of their customers and employees. But what does a security guard actually do? Here are a few of the common duties of a security guard.

Strong Visual Presence

Being highly visible is one way security guards prevent a majority of crime in the area they’re assigned. Most would-be criminals will think twice when they see a business has a security guard on patrol.

Be Alert and Vigilant

Someone with a short attention span or poor hearing and eyesight would not make a very effective security guard. One of the major job requirements of a security guard is to be on alert for anything that may be suspicious, such as someone attempting to steal merchandise, sneak into a restricted area, or otherwise cause trouble.

Respond to Dangerous Situations

Security patrol companies rely on their employees acting quickly and correctly in a crisis. How a security guard acts will depend on the threat posed, but their actions should always work to keep a situation under control or regain any control that’s been lost.

Observe and Report

Security guards must not only act correctly in dangerous or potentially dangerous situations. They must then return to observing to prevent any more issues. In the event of a significant incident, the details should be given to the guard’s supervisor or the proper authorities to take additional steps if needed.

Call in Help When Needed

Certain issues may be beyond the security guard’s scope. In these cases, they should quickly call in the proper authorities rather than handle it independently.
The contract security industry employs approximately 20 million private security workers across the globe, according to research done by The Guardian. This means that security guards can easily be found your business requires one. Security patrol companies train some of the best people to become security guards, and along with that training comes peace of mind from knowing your business is well looked after.

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