What is Contract Security and What Are its Advantages?

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Everything about contract security

Almost all companies utilize security services. And in most situations, the cost of outsourced security services is generally lower than when keeping and propriety team. An outsourced security officers reduces overhead costs for a company. From recruitment, screening, and training related costs, the company needs to invest resources for a proprietary security guards. On the other hand, security companies can do all these which saves time and effort on the part of the company.
Among these two options, contract security seems like a better choice over propriety security in terms of cost-savings. But there are more benefits that come with it such as risk distribution and lesser potential liability. A company that starts contract security services will share liability for the security officer’s action or failure to act appropriately with the service provider. However, the company that contracted with the provider should not immediately expect absolution from liability if an incident happens. In some contracts, there is a provision that the responsibility for managing the aftermath of the incident lies on the vendor.
Before you pursue a contract security service, you should work on the legalities to create a workable security policy. It should indicate the scope of work, and post orders custom-fitted to the needs of the company. The contract should also include a response plan in case of untoward incidences in the area of assignment.

What is Proprietary Security?

A proprietary security team is another option that the company can consider if they need a security guard. One major advantage of choosing this type of security service is that it has better integration with the company’s policies, culture, protocols, and technology. But why are more companies pursuing a contract security service than this?
With proprietary security, the organization has better control of the department and structure it according to its needs. Issues can be easily addressed at officer levels without the need to go out of the organization. Likewise, the business devotes resources to ensure that proper training is provided for the employees in the department. However, not all company has the capacity to invest in a proprietary security department. It is especially true for small or start-up businesses gaining ground in the industry. Thus, more security company are offering contract security teams to help these businesses with their unique needs.

What are the advantages of using contract security services?

When it comes to choosing a private security contracts provider, you have to keep in mind that not all of them are created equal. Some companies hire professionals to directly work for them through an official security department. But there are also other companies that seek security services to provide for their unique needs. Thus, outside or a private company will be the one to provide additional manpower to serve as the company’s security team. The provider will be the one to screen and find the most suitable candidates for the needs of the business. Here are some of the advantages of using contract security services.

Shared Legal Liability

Hiring your own security team means that you are the employer and you are the one liable for them and for what they do. In extreme situations, this can be detrimental to the business. You will also need to create heavy insurance policies to maintain an in house security service. On the other hand, if you will outsourcing security service, the heavier liability is burdened by the private security provider. Security companies are insured heavily and in case of any untoward incident involving contracted security guards the company will be responsible for a lawsuit.


Hiring your own team of security personnel takes time and effort on the part of the company. It is a long process of advertising the post, hiring, training, and capacitating the employees, and getting a heavy insurance policy. For a small company, it is more convenient and less of a hassle to inquire about the services offered by private contract security companies. After discussing your company’s unique needs, you can draw up a contract policy that you want. The security company will be the one to handle the tedious job of hiring, screening, training, and getting insurance coverage.

Reassignment of Security Officers

An in house security team enjoys the same benefits as any regular employee of the company. In case the owner is not satisfied with their performance, and they need to terminate the personnel, the company may need to provide separation pay. More so, the company will need to hire, train, and capacitate a new member every time a security guard leaves the company. However, if the security team is under a private contract, then the security firm will be the one responsible for getting a new officer for the business. Reassignment and changing of security personnel are easier when you have contract security services.


Trust and commitment are formed between the company and the security provider the moment the contract is signed. Contract security guard service providers are under oath of the contract and they must provide services that meet or exceed the expectations of the contract.

Professional Security Team

When it comes to safety and security, you have to leave it to security professionals to do their job. Private contract security providers are trained, experienced, and capacitated to provide such services to the company that they are assigned to. Pursuing contract security allows you to focus more on your business path without worries about security measures.

How Do You Get Security Contracts?

Most security firms utilize direct mail, referrals, and social media to connect with potential clients. If you need a private security management service, contact your local broker, and ask for a list of providers in your area. You may also ask your colleagues for referrals for companies that they already trust.

Wrap Up

Safety and security management is a significant part of the company. Between keeping an in house security team and hiring a private security company, contract security services is a leading choice for the practical benefits that it offers. For small and start-up businesses, pursuing contract security is the solution for your unique needs.

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