2022 Security Trends

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Security Trends on the Rise in 2022

Crime prevention and deterrence is instrumental in protecting products, businesses, and people. There is an enormous opportunity for the security industry right now, with the average projected growth rate for the industry being higher than the national average. As we look ahead to the next year, these will be the trends that dominate the security industry in 2022.

Hybrid security

As we move into 2022, the use of technology will become increasingly important for physical security teams. The remote work revolution is in full swing, and many companies have decided to implement a hybrid office approach, allowing employees to spend a mix of time on- and off-site. In fact, 9 out of 10 organizations across industries will be deploying a hybrid work model in a post-pandemic setting.

This concept is being used in crime prevention as well. Utilizing a mix of an on-site safety presence and offsite remote monitoring system acts as a boost to traditional security systems. Technology serves as a force multiplier, and significantly enhances the on site security officer’s situational awareness. This enables security professionals to have eyes virtually everywhere, yet respond or patrol only where necessary, accomplishing more with the existing team.

Offsite remote monitoring

Offsite monitoring has gotten faster, more affordable and more reliable in recent years. Security firms can connect directly to a company’s CCTV or install a video surveillance system themselves. By monitoring from afar, officers can access better coverage of an area without putting anyone in danger, since the surveillance is done remotely. The surveillance is also 24/7, and can prompt security teams at any time of day to take proper action in real time.

Investing in People

We are in the midst of an enormous labor shortage, and nearly 7 million unemployed Americans currently. At the same time, this year has been dubbed “The Great Resignation” as employees quit their jobs at record breaking rates. In September alone, 4.3 million people quit their jobs, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To attract and retain the best security professionals, firms and companies will need to invest in their people. That means great benefits and best in class training.

Law enforcement alternatives

Over the past few years, the conversation around finding alternatives to calling law enforcement has grown. Calling mental health services, investigative professionals, or employing security guards to deter crime.

Calling the correct professional in an emergency situation can also help police forces maximize their time and services. On average, law enforcement officers spend only 4% of time addressing violent crime. Utilizing security firms to help prevent, deter, and stop violent crime can help police and prevent calls that they are not best suited to handle.

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