4 Important Tools to Improve Security Entrances

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With so many active shooter incidents on the news, many people are wondering what we can do to stop the violence and bloodshed. One way to enhance the security of a building or facility is to use specific tools to improve security entrances and strictly control access.

Why Securing Entrances is so Critical

Regardless of whether you are guarding a shipping dock, a factory, a corporation, private property, or a school, security entrances keep out unwanted guests and help to mitigate dangers. Closely monitoring points of entry can reduce crime, prevent theft, and control violence.

Complicating the issue are tactics like piggybacking and tailgating, which criminals use to circumvent traditional methods of access. That is why securing entrances successfully is so vital.

Tools to Improve Security Entrances

Complex technology exists to help secure entrances and exits. The public has gotten very used to seeing metal detectors at airports, government facilities, and universities. Some other resources that can help better secure physical environments include:

Biometrics and Key Cards

One way technology can help is to allow access only if the person has a key card or biometric signature that matches one on file. Fingerprint readers and keycard terminals are often used to control access. However, the problem with these types of tools is that key cards can be lost or stolen. Another issue is how to handle periodic guests.

Security Guards

Another option is to increase the number of physical bodyguards around the perimeter and expressly at entrances. Security personnel are well trained to spot potential threats and eliminate them before they become a problem. Security guards may be armed or unarmed, depending on the situation and threat level.


Placing surveillance cameras near and around entrances and exits is useful as long as you have adequate staff to constantly monitor them, watching for anything suspicious. You could also pair surveillance cameras with facial recognition software to watch for any known criminals.

Security Doors

Specialized security doors are much stronger than regular doors; some come equipped with ballistic glass. They also can only be opened from the inside during business hours. Many use biometrics or key cards to operate. They also keep a digital log to track how often someone enters and leaves. Security doors are also being paired with AI technology to automate entry or refusal based on specific criteria.

The Best Solution

The best solution for guarding any entrance is a multi-layered system employing many of the options above. Physical security is a must, but it can be significantly enhanced with technology such as cameras, drones, AI, biometrics, and security doors.

If you want to learn more about how to properly secure your facility and control access better, contact DMAC Security today. We are security experts that operate at the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

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