A Second Career as a Security Specialist




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A Second Career as a Security Specialist

Working as a security specialist, either as an armed or unarmed guard, officer or patrol, could be a full-time career choice for those looking to start over in a new field of expertise, either after retirement or simply looking for a new career path.

What does a security specialist do?

A security specialist works for a business or government office protecting people and property. Some security guards work for security firms, and others freelance and work directly for banks, schools, or other business entities. Some of the duties of a security officer include:

  • Protecting goods as they are transported from point A to point B
  • Protecting property and making sure visitors have access before entering certain areas
  • Patrolling the grounds
  • Policing entry and exit points and permitting only authorized individuals
  • Securing a location
  • Opening and closing offices
  • Keyholding
  • Other duties as assigned

Advantages of working as a security specialist

The security profession makes a great career due to many advantages. The first is that once you become certified to work as a security guard, you are eligible to take on various assignments. Some other benefits of working as a security guard are:

  • Flexibility: Security personnel work many different shifts, and you can typically find one that works for your schedule/lifestyle.
  • No prior security education/training is needed: Becoming a security specialist requires no particular level of traditional education. All your training and testing can be accomplished on-the-job or right before you start work. Typically, security specialists only need a high-school diploma; no college is necessary. However, you may need to complete a specific number of supervised hours before getting your license depending on the state you live in.
  • Job Opportunities: There are endless job opportunities for well-trained security officers. It’s a great career with a promising outlook, including: office manager, operations manager, patrolling, training. The security industry is vast with new avenues to explore.
  • Fulfilling: Most security guards enjoy the fact that securing a facility helps keep them active (lots of walking), and they get to interact with the public and various clients. Helping to keep people and assets safe is a rewarding feeling.

Besides the list above, a security position includes a lot of varying tasks which does not leave room for boredom or a monotonous work environment. Depending on your assignment, you may get to explore diverse locations, perform varying duties, and enjoy a long-term exciting career.

Security as a new career

The role of security specialist works really well for many different types of people in varying lifestyle situations. Some that are an ideal fit include:

  • Students: Young adults in school will appreciate the flexible schedule and they can work around their classes. A security guard is an excellent job for students earning a degree.
  • Retirees: Another great fit is someone who has already finished their career and is looking for a fresh start in a new field.
  • Entrepreneurs and Full-Time Employees: Anyone just starting a company may not yield immediate income. Entrepreneurs could easily supplement their income with a second career in security. Employees who don’t earn enough to support their lifestyle may also want to consider security guard positions to fill the income gaps.

Remember, it is never too late to start a new career. To learn more about an exciting career or second career in security, contact DMAC today.

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