Cameras vs. Security Guards: Which is More Effective?

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Regardless of the type of business you’re running, protecting everything you worked hard to build is always a top priority. In this day and age, we can access different types of security solutions. In other words, when looking for the best security solution for your business, you might find yourself at a crossroads.

Out of all the commercial security options you can choose, Security camera systems and professional security guard services take the lead. That being said, you might be wondering which of those two will suit you better, right? If you do, then you have arrived at the right place. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each system.

Security Camera Systems

Security Cameras or CCTV systems are a technology-based approach to business security. Security camera systems are viral in the United States. Reason being, their broad set of options for different environments, weather conditions, and budgets.


Reduce Insurance Cost

Many businesses owners love the fact that security cameras often help reduce insurance costs . For example, if someone is unfortunately injured on your job site, it will be beneficial to have a video record of precisely what occurred. This is especially true in a situation where your liability is challenged, and you have to defend yourself in court. Some insurance providers may even offer you a discount on your monthly rates for the simple act of installing security cameras at all.

Access to Remote monitoring​

Regardless of how good you are at multitasking, nobody can be everywhere at once. But that’s okay because security cameras allow you to maintain constant oversight into your organization and its people, regardless of where you happen to be. This is particularly helpful if you run a business with multiple sites. ​

Prevents trespassing and vandalism​​

Trespassers can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage in a surprisingly short time. Vandals may not be interested in robbing your business, but they may be interested in causing damage for fun. Unauthorized visitors will run at the sight of a camera. There is a higher risk of being identified by the security camera system.​


Of course, none of the above is to say that security cameras are a perfect solution – because they’re not. They do bring with them a host of potential disadvantages, including ones like:

  • The chasm between cheap security cameras and high-quality security cameras is a deep one. Suppose you’re trying to save a little money by buying a dozen 480p standard definition security cameras to put up around your workplace. In that case, you may as well not even bother as this resolution likely won’t be high enough to cover a quick security incident.
  • Blind spots are another concern. Try as hard as you’d like; you can’t cover every square inch of your workplace with cameras. There will always be better angles than others, and some areas might not have coverage at all.
  • Security cameras on their own are essentially not enough to deter thieves and other criminals, despite what you may have heard.
  • They also do very little to deter the types of “inside jobs” that commonly occur in places like construction sites, as it won’t be very long until your employees figure out where every last one of your cameras are.

Professional Security Guard Services

Professional security guards present a more detailed and in-depth approach to your business security than camera systems. For most businesses, security guards effectively make up for some of the natural limitations that security cameras alone bring with them.


Trained professionals

Security guards not only go through an intense level of training before they’re ever allowed to set foot in your workplace, but they also get to know the exact area that they’re working in with an intimate level of detail. From that perspective, you no longer have to worry about “blind spots” because security guards know which areas they should be paying attention to and under which circumstances.

Effective Crime deterrent

Security officers are also a far more effective way to deter crime than cameras, particularly in crowded or heavily trafficked areas. According to one recent study, an increase in foot patrol visits by 41% in one area – coupled with an increase in 29% more time being spent in those areas – led to a dramatic 16% reduction in victim-generated crimes. People aren’t necessarily as afraid of getting caught by a camera as you think they are. They’re far less likely to take a risk if they know a security guard is right around the corner with authority to do something about the situation.

Overall improvement of your business security

Deterring crime is not the only benefit of having a professional security guard patrolling your business site. Experienced security officers will conduct random and scheduled foot patrols. By doing so, they will be able to spot irregularities all over your property.

Security Irregularities
  • Signs of Water Damage (broken pipes)
  • Signs of Smoke and Fire
  • Misplaced Pieces of Equipment
  • Potential Security Breaches
Immediate response

Having a professional security guard on your business premises means somebody is there to act if needed. Imagine for a second that someone entered your business in the middle of the night. A security camera system will provide you with the footage of the trespasser but nothing else. However, a professional security guard will immediately deal with the trespasser by calling the local law enforcement and preventing further damage to your business.


Professional Security services cover plenty of potential threads for your business. However, they do have some disadvantages to mention.

  • Lack of evidence: From somebody getting injured or perhaps an act of vandalism took place in your business. You are going to need proof to send over either to your insurance company or lawyers. A security guard cannot act as a witness if they were not there to see the events in question.
  • Security guards are not everywhere: Security Guards are humans; therefore, they cannot be everywhere at once. That means that some areas of your business will be unattended while the officer is conducting a patrol elsewhere in your site.

All told, security guards can take a far more comprehensive approach to protection than cameras alone ever could. They’re invaluable in a situation where the threat of bodily injury may be a possibility, where a camera is of no use. They can react quickly to fast-changing conditions and can report invaluable information to the authorities.

In the end, the most important thing to keep in mind is that not all businesses are created equally. Some small retail locations may be able to get by with security cameras on their own – provided that they invest in high-quality equipment. For large areas like office buildings, nothing less than a security patrol will do.

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