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Technology is modern life, there is not question about that. In the security industry, technology tools help agents do their jobs more effectively and gain an advantage over criminals.

Security Technology Tools
Security technology consists of various hardware and software resources that work together to protect networks, physical locations, and people. The goals of technology tools are:

Deterrence: The first thing security technology tools are designed to do is to minimize risk by deterring someone from breaking in or damaging things. These tools may consist of an electronic door, fence, gate, or other security barriers. Security cameras are also a deterrent in many situations. In cybersecurity, it may be a firewall that monitors traffic and controls access or a complex password system.

Detection: The second goal of technology tools for security is to detect threats. Early detection can result in a quick response and minimal disruption or damage. For example, if someone tries to breach a system electronically or physically, you can install alarms to alert security personnel so they can take action quickly.

Prevention: Prevention refers to security tools that attempt to prevent any damage, theft, or loss. Prevention tools may include data encryption, access control policies and hardware, or two-factor authentication. The way preventions work is that even if someone were to break into the network, they might not be able to steal any information if it’s encrypted or protected with additional technology.

Rapid Response: Even the best security protocols may be breached. Therefore, one of the most essential security technology tools is rapid response. Some examples may be a system or building lockdown, video surveillance to identify criminals, and even remote access and controls to shut down separate systems. In addition, keeping good backups off-site is one way to get your systems back up and running quickly after an attack.

Technology Tools for Security
Some other examples of security technology tools that companies, schools, and governments can use to protect their valuable assets include:

Anti-malware/antivirus software
Email security software
Access control policies and enforcement
Application security
Data loss prevention
Intrusion prevention
Network segmentation to shut down critical systems in an attack
VPN (Virtual Private Network
Wireless security

Benefits of Security Technology
One simple way that technology can help deter criminal behavior is metal detectors positioned at all entrances. Modern security forces are employing dozens of devices like drones to access difficult locations and monitor large areas that would take time to canvas manually. These tools help to make security officers’ jobs much easier and prevent, detect, and respond to threats much quicker.

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