What is a School Resource Officer (SRO) and Why Are They Important in Schools?

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There has been a lot of senseless violence in the news lately especially pertaining to the tragic school shootings. One way we as a society can prevent these things from happening is by making sure every school is equipped with a highly-trained School Resource Officer (SRO).

What is a School Resource Officer?

A school resource officer is a certified law enforcement agent assigned by a local law enforcement agency funded by the country, which provides security services at public elementary and high schools. Although these officers work in schools, technically, they are employed by and work for the law enforcement agency (typically local police or sheriff’s office).
An SRO is a fully trained officer with all the same skills and responsibilities as a regular police officer on the force. They are authorized to make arrests and take whatever actions necessary to detect and prevent crime while preserving life.

Why Are They Important?

School Resource Officers often assist Special Security Officers (SSOs) on-premises and collaborate together to divide responsibilities to enhance the safety and security of the administration, students, and staff.
With the rise in school shootings, SROs are more crucial than ever before. Early detection of a threat could save lives and prevent property damage. If specially trained officers are on-site and an event unfolds, they can quickly respond and possibly prevent any loss of life. Often, when questioned, children state that they feel safer knowing there is a security officer at school.

Consistent Training Matters

The increased need for more SROs has sparked a debate over training. Although school resource officers are fully trained law enforcement agents, many believe they require additional training to prepare for and prevent further violence in schools.
In some states like North Carolina, officers who work more than 20 hours at a school are required to take a course specializing in SRO training. After that, they must attend a refresher course every year. In addition, some localities want their SROs to take specific classes in active-shooter scenarios, sexual assault prevention, and de-escalation to difusse a situation from evolving into violence.
As additional shooter incidents evolve, it’s essential that SROs continue their education to enhance their training to respond to any type of dangerous situation.

Learn More About SROs

To learn more about SROs, ask about training or hiring a specialized officer for your school, college, or corporate property, contact DMAC Security today. We are security specialists who offer a wide variety of security services covering all aspects of security, training, and fire safety.

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