Top Security Trends for 2023

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Although the security landscape changes from year to year, it does not change as fast as bad actors who are constantly revamping how they execute attacks. Therefore, security experts must evolve their technologies and best practices to keep up at a much faster rate. Here we review our predictions of the top security trends for 2023.

Potential Threats

Experts in the field predict that we will continue to see various types of attacks, but some of the common threats will consist of the following:

  • Additional destructive and aggressive attacks from foreign nations like Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.
  • More attacks will be perpetrated by young, independent criminals rather than nation-state groups.
  • An increase in ransomware
  • Attacks on hardware and software that use password-less authentication
  • An increase in the use of AI for break-ins and breaches
  • Additional attacks on cloud vendors
  • A rise in data breaches
  • Attacks on IoT devices
  • More supply chain attacks
  • Attacks on infrastructure and operational technology (OT)
  • A significant increase in mobile device attacks

Top Security Trends for 2023

Along with predictions about the types of attacks and new techniques that criminals may use to breach systems, buildings, and networks, security personnel also have many opportunities to beef up protections.
Some trends in security that we should see in 2023 include the following:

Zero Trust Solutions:

More companies will adopt a zero-trust architecture for networks. It means not trusting any device that enters the premises and constantly validating anything that connects to a network before allowing access to resources. The Zero Trust method can help reduce theft and data loss due to breaches.

More Automation:

Many businesses and private organizations will implement automated solutions to streamline authentication, remove the human element for tighter security, and safeguard critical assets. This may include things like drone patrols.

Bigger Security Budgets:

Due to the rash of corporate attacks, executives will beef up security budgets by a lot, investing heavily in physical and digital security solutions.

Implementation of SOAR Solutions:

Expect to see organizations implanting more security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions. SOAR methodology assists security personnel in quickly identifying threats, automating rapid response, and following up with analytics to prevent future attacks.

A Boost in Security Training:

In 2023, you should also see a more substantial investment in security training across all types of businesses. Cultivating a security culture within the company deputizes each employee as the first line of defense against physical or digital threats.

Rely on the experts in 2023

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